oldest rock art: oldest rock painting of a pig found in Indonesia: oldest rock painting found in Indonesia

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Archaeologists found oldest rock painting ever, export boar painting found in Indonesian cave, modern artist was 45.5 thousand years old, now need DNA sample
The first evidence of human presence in Asia has been discovered to date. The form of a 45,500-year-old wild boar was discovered in a cave in Indonesia. It is believed that with this the story of the exodus of humans will also be understood. This painting was discovered in 2017 and is considered the oldest rock painting in human history. The research paper is published in Science Advances magazine.

What did the photo show?
This figure of the boar was discovered by doctoral student Basran Burhan during a visit to the caves here. This figure found inside Liang Tedong Cave shows around four pigs, one of which is perfectly clean. This cave can only be visited during the dry season because the rain is flooded there the rest of the year. Looking at the red colored picture, it looks like this pig was looking at other animals.

Photo found inside the cave

DNA sample expected
There are also two handprints at the top of this image and the scientists are hoping this will give them DNA samples. It is further speculated that the person who created this image may have been of the Homo sapiens species, but may have been of the Denisovan species, which is now extinct.

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‘These people were modern’
Archaeologist Magim Aubert says the people who created this image look quite modern. He had the tools and the ability to make up his mind. According to Aubert, it was discovered in LabAnalysis that it is 45,500 years old, but it may be even older because the technology used is based solely on the presence of calcite.

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