oldest shell in the world: sound of oldest sea shell: sound of oldest conch

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The oldest conch in the world 18,000 years ago, its voice recording was released by scientists, it will be used for communication, it will be used by hunters of the pet species.
Decades ago, in 1931, a huge conch was found in the caves of the Pyrenees. It was believed to be the largest conch ever seen. A recording was released of how it should have sounded. The tip of the shell of this sea snail is broken, with a mouth 1.4 inches in diameter. This is the hardest part of the shell, so it is believed that it is not broken by mistake. The audio was released by scientists from the National Center for Scientific Research in France.

How was this conch
It also shows traces of cutting and decorated with red hematite which is used to make paintings in the caves of Marsules. Researchers believed that this conch was used to extract sounds. Its mouth is not even and it also has an organic coating, which scientists have guessed that a mouthpiece will be placed next to it. In fact, there is a spokesperson all over the world, who gave such an opportunity.

Hear the sound of a conch shell here

Must be 18 thousand years old
It is believed to be 18 thousand years old, based on the carbon dating of things from the archaeological period of this conch. It was believed to be the oldest instrument of its kind that is played from there. However, the people who created it cannot use it for music. Based on other evidence found inside the caves, the possibility of its use for communication has also been raised.

Nomadic species hunters used
Many of such things were found in these caves, it is believed that the people who used them must have been nomadic hunters who lived between the Atlantic coast and the Pyrenees. While living in the same place, they have to change places due to the lack of hunting. Scientists now want to see how far this person can go and try to find their true form based on their 3D replica.

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