oldest structure find: Structures discovered in Saudi Arabia older than the pyramid of Egpyt: structures older than Egypt found in Saudi Arabia

The Egyptian pyramids are considered the oldest in the world, but some experts claim that thousands of rock-cut structures in Saudi Arabia are older than them. Their average age is said to be 7,000 years, which makes them the oldest. According to a report published in the journal “Antiquity”, these structures are distributed in the northwest of Saudi Arabia. It was claimed that their age was considered earlier, they are in fact older than that. If so, they are older than Britain’s pyramids and mysterious stones at Stonehenge.

Thousands of structures of unique size

According to research, these structures must belong to a community that celebrates animals. Photos of cattle herds were found there. It is believed that these cattle must have been important to the inhabitants of the region. University of Australia researcher and archaeologist Melissa Kennedy said these thousands of structures have been discovered in an area of ​​two million square kilometers and are all the same size. Therefore, all may have been created under the same assumption.

How was the contact made?

These structures have two thick ends connected by two or more walls that look like courtyards. Their length varies from 20 to 600 meters. Principal researcher Hugh Thomas says that over the area they are spread over, they would have been approached on a large scale to build them. According to research, small structures were built on rock walls with a height of a few meters, the head of which was thick. Something like a procession might come from one side of them.

Why have so many structures been built?

Their bases seemed circular, semicircular that were outside the main gate. Some structures also had pillars, standing stones. It is not yet clear why such complex structures were created. In one of them, horns and bones of wild and domestic animals were found. They included cattle and sheep. They must have been around 5000 BC.

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