Oli again teased the ‘real Ayodhya’, said – Construction of Ram temple started in Nepal – Nepal PM Kp Sharma Oli says construction of Ram temple at birthplace started Chitwan Real Ayodhya Birgunj

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PM Oli of Nepal has again teased the case of Ram Janmabhoomi near Birganj. Oli said that the temple building work at Ram’s birthplace was underway, that the construction of Mother Sita’s idol also created controversy in the real Ayodhya in July. Controversial issue raising for Kathmandu
Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has once again attempted to stir up controversy over Lord Ram’s birthplace. Addressing a program from his Nepalese Communist Party faction in Chitwan, he said construction work on the temple in Ram’s hometown has started. Oli refers to a place near Birgunj, which he previously nicknamed the real Ayodhya. However, at the time, his statement was challenged not only by India, but also by the leadership of Nepal who expressed strong objections.

The work of making idols of Lord Rama and Sita continues
He said that a master plan is being prepared for the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhyapuri. The idol of Lord Rama has already been built while the idol of Mother Sita is under construction. He also said that the idols of Lakshmana and Hanuman will also be made. Next year, Ram Navami will be organized in a grand manner at Ayodhyapuri, the birthplace of Lord Rama.

Oli claims to be a tourist destination by defying history
Oli also claimed that after that the area would become a spectacular tourist destination. Many pilgrims will make it their destination. Oli hoped that after the temple was built, Chitwan would become a major attraction for Hindus, archaeologists, civilization and cultural experts around the world. He also said that Chitwan and Ayodhyapuri would play a major contribution to the prosperity of the country by establishing a pilgrimage center for religious tourism.

Why is Oli teasing Ayodhya Raga?
Politics buffs are fast in Nepal these days. After the dissolution of Parliament, preparations are underway for new elections in the country. Oli’s Nepalese Communist Party is also torn apart. In such a situation, Oli makes such a blatant declaration to take back power with half the force. Not only that, in the coming days he will also be able to make inflammatory statements on the border dispute with India.

Oli called the Ayodhya of India false
In July 2020, Oli claimed to have owned the real Birganj, calling it a fake Ayodhya from India. Oli claimed that Ayodhya was in Nepal without any historical evidence. Oli had claimed that we had not given Sita to the prince of Ayodhya in India. Rather, it was given to the Prince of Ayodhya of Nepal. Ayodhya is a village located a little west of Birganj. Ayodhya made in India is not real.

Prime Minister Oli’s big claim, said – India made fake Ayodhya, real in Nepal
The Nepalese gave this argument regarding Ayodhya
Oli had then argued that if the Ayodhya of India was genuine, how could the prince come to Janakpur to get married from there. He claimed that science and knowledge were born and developed in Nepal. He claimed that the historical facts had been distorted.

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