Oliver Daeman Jeff Bezos: Youngest Space Traveler Oliver Daeman With Jeff Bezos: 18 Year Old Student Will Go To Space With Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, is going on a spacewalk in a few days. Besides his brother Mark and the 82-year-old Volley Funk pilot, Bezos was looking for another Humsafar to take with him. An auction was also held for this seat, which one person also won for $ 28 million, but eventually an 18-year-old student will have the chance to touch the space.

such luck has changed
Maybe that’s what fate says. The man who won the seat for the 11-minute trip pulled out of the first trip due to time constraints and was replaced by Oliver Damon, a recent high school graduate. Bezos’ company Blue Origin has released a statement saying whoever wins the auction will be taken on the next trip.

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youngest astronaut
Damon had also bid on this historic trip and he secured a seat on the second flight. When one person pulled out of the first robbery, Damon got the first robbery opportunity. However, it was not said how much he had bid for. The four passengers will board Blue Origin’s New Shepard suborbital space tourist rocket.

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with the oldest passenger
According to a CNN report, Damon’s seat was bought by his father, who is the CEO of an investment firm called Somerset Capital Partners. If Damon goes on a trip, he will be the youngest to go to space. Interestingly, the accompanying Funk will be the oldest person to go into space. About 60 years ago, Funk was trained to participate in NASA’s Mercury 13 mission, but the mission was canceled.

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