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Death of French billionaire Olivier Dassault in a helicopter crash: French President Emmanuel Macron mourns the death of Dassault. The sudden disappearance of Olivier Dassault is a huge loss: Macromperis
French billionaire Olivier Dussault died in a helicopter crash. Dassault’s death was mourned by French President Emmanuel Macron. Please say that Dassault was also a member of the French Parliament.

Olivier Dussault, the eldest son of French industrialist and owner of Arab fortune Serge Dussault, was 69 years old. His company also manufactures a Rafael fighter plane. However, he removed his name from Dassault’s board of directors to avoid political reasons and conflicts of interest. Dassault was ranked 361 in the Forbes 2020 richest people list, along with his two brothers’ sisters.

According to reports, when Dassault’s private helicopter crashed in Normandy on Sunday, he went on vacation. On Dassault’s death, President Macron wrote on Twitter: “Olivier Dassault loved France. He served the country as an industry leader, commander of the Air Force. His sudden disappearance is a huge loss. My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.

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