Omnichannel sales expert, the most sought-after job profile by companies

The commercial world and its networks have today become a determining professional outlet since, even in times of crisis, 40% of the jobs generated by the Spanish company are limited to the world of sales (according to data from the National Institute of statistical).

Despite the emergence of e-commerce across all industries, business activities remain an essential task for any organization, adding value to the “customer experience” and therefore must be tailored to the needs and priorities of the consumer.

OMNICANAL: the concept that triumphs among job profiles in 2021

The new scenarios and the transformation of the market pose a challenge to professionals, who are forced to increase their skills to offer efficient management of all technological tools to drive a better “customer journey”.

The characteristic most appreciated by companies today is omnichannel, that is to say the ability of a professional to operate with his customers through all available communication channels. In 2021, it is not conceivable that a sales professional cannot function effectively in digital and analog scenarios, so investing in training is essential.

PSICOSOFT offers the most efficient and innovative option with its “COMMERCIAL EXPERT MASTER”

With more than 34 years of experience in the human resources sector and commercial networks, with successes in recognized multinationals in major sectors such as Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, Heineken, Mahou San Miguel, Bankia and Banco Santander, between other. The Spanish company Psicosoft launches its “Master Commercial Expert”. Training intended both for companies that bet on a differential value of their workforce, graduates who wish to enter the labor market, as well as professionals in the commercial sector who wish to promote or consolidate their professional career: Sales, Sales Managers , KAM, Company directors and other professionals.

With a daily commitment of around 15 minutes and a methodology 100% flexible and adaptable to the workload, it becomes a real opportunity and professional revolution in the business environment.

Psicosoft, in addition to providing the tools, methodologies and business knowledge resulting from its own proven experience, obtained through its more than 8,000 successful projects, in which it has evaluated and trained more than 500,000 salespeople in multinationals from all sectors, but who training on practical cases with innovative tools such as virtual reality, videos, video games and fun experiences.

The objective of this Master is to promote the business results and professional development of the participants, expanding their knowledge and integrating techniques and tools that enhance their omnichannel business strengths, to deliver differential value and position themselves as specialists .

In the words of Paloma Martin Naranjo, academic director of the Master, “being part of it offers a very practical learning and updating, based on the new trend and with proven and disruptive methodologies”

Throughout this training program, students will discover:

The keys to effective action for each channel and how to optimize them in customer management. Techniques for knowing how to build trust in order to establish lasting and lasting relationships of value with your customers. How to boost emotional intelligence and resilience so necessary in a business career. Exchange networking ingredients and the keys to managing and understanding different stakeholders, in order to align visions and achieve common goals. The keys to organize and plan the business activity to be more efficient. How to enhance the role of leader, through tools to lead a sales team, as well as, strengthen the manager coach facet with which to mobilize the state of mind of the employee to continue to grow.

From Psicosoft, they point out that “we have worked with the commercial networks of important and prestigious multinationals in different market sectors, evaluating, training and developing the best professionals. This experience, accompanying them in the multiple economic contexts (bonanzas, recessions, etc.), allowed us to be in continuous learning and, above all, to identify and consolidate the best commercial practices to succeed in the creation of relationships of value with customers “

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