On July 14 and 15, you have an appointment with Microsoft Inspire

For a year now, our way of working has radically changed. Not only that, we also saw how events went from face-to-face and massive to happening online. This year, as Microsoft had already anticipated, its events will be digital and the Inspire will be no exception.

Microsoft Inspire will take place July 14-15

Although there are still almost six months left, Microsoft already wants us to reserve that date. Microsoft Inspire will take place in mid-July, an event to project partners and offer them new work tools.

Clear your calendars July 14-15, because #MSInspire is coming to you, wherever you are.

Learn more about this year’s event:

– Microsoft Partner (@msPartner) February 18, 2021

Last year, Microsoft announced a bigger team impact for frontline workers as well as new features for Edge. You can see the key moments of Inspire 2020 on this site.

This year, we expect something similar, Teams continues to be a key part of Microsoft’s work. Every day it is reaching new heights and we assume that its use will be announced to more than 150 million people. We also understand that new integrations and improvements will be discussed.

The reality is that a number of products have experienced incredible growth over the past year. Microsoft will not miss this opportunity to show us what they are working on to make the experience of their products and services unique wherever we are.

We will see how they approach this event for the partners and what aspects to highlight this year. The teams will surely have a great presence again, but the Redmond giant has many other products and services to promote to its partners. This year, we may see more integration of LinkedIn with Microsoft services or information regarding Microsoft’s renewed interest in Windows 10 and Windows 10X. We will be attentive to the opening of registrations for the event.

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