“On March 8, we will do what the health authorities say”

Publication: Sunday February 28, 2021 09:20

“I’ll do what the health authorities say.” This is how the Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, responds to her possible participation in the mobilizations that could take place on March 8 in an interview with “El Periódico”, an action that will be “unanimously as a government”.

Montero explains, yes, that activities were organized “in strict accordance with the rules” with the slogan “Because they are women”. “I want to take this opportunity to say that we cannot afford to continue to buy far-right discourse and criminalize the feminist movement and the women who have been on the front lines to perform the most essential tasks.” , adds the minister.

The debate also generates the treatment of “trans law”, on which Montero is clear: “Rights are not negotiated”. “We cannot continue to send the message to trans and LGTBI people that their rights may await,” he explains. It also sends a message to the PSOE, which asks it to “resolve their internal differences” to decide “whether or not they agree with gender self-determination.”

Montero pledged to “naturalize the differences” between the PSOE and Podemos, calling on the socialist formation to “comply with the coalition agreement”. In addition, there is a title in the form of a pledge from Minister Montero, which has “a very clear message” for women: “The law” only if it is yes “will be law”.

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