On May 4, there will be no classes in schools in the Community of Madrid due to the elections

Updated: Wednesday, March 17, 2021 1:56 PM

Published on: 17.03.2021 12:49

On May 4, parents from the Community of Madrid will not be able to take their children to school. The government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso has decided to declare this day without work in schools in Madrid due to the holding of elections in the region.

This was announced by the president of the Community of Madrid together with the recently released spokesman Enrique Ossorio, also Minister of Education, at a press conference.

This measure will concern all public and subsidized education centers in the Community of Madrid for non-university education, from infant education from 0 to 3 years old through high school, including vocational training centers. A decision that will affect 1.2 million students.

Ossorio explained that the royal decree calling for elections “establishes a series of additional measures when there are elections” and that one of them is “to declare the days off during which there are elections. if they do not fall on vacation “. Therefore, “this electoral decree makes it clear that this day does not work for school purposes,” he said.

At the beginning of this week and after all rushed with the electoral advance announced by Ayuso, Ossorio was already advancing this bad news for working parents. “It will be very difficult to reconcile the development of the elections with the development of education,” said the educational adviser in an interview on TVE, although he explained that the final decision to cancel the classes came from “the authorities. electoral “.

Ossorio also pointed out that a viable option for this day would be “distance learning”, although he ruled out this possibility as it is also necessary to “respect the right to vote of teachers on this day”: ” It is very probable that this day will not be able to have any teaching ”.

Elections at work and during the week

This is not common, but it is not the first time that an election has taken place on a weekday, in this case on Tuesday, May 4. Faced with this situation, it is important to remember what the rights of workers are.

More specifically, these laws are included in Royal Decree 605/1999 of April 16, which specifies that “with regard to salaried workers”, as well as public administrations, “specific measures will be adopted so that voters who provide their services on polling day, they can have up to four hours free during their working hours to exercise the right to vote, which will be remunerated ”.

However, this regulation refers to people who have full-time working hours. In the case of those with a partial contract, proportional hours should be calculated, so that they are comparable to those of the rest of the workers.

Madrid Regulations

This legal basis changes slightly depending on the autonomous community in question. And, in the case of Madrid, the resolution of November 27, 2015 of the General Directorate of Labor, includes a series of specific hours depending on the type of working day:

In the case of workers whose working hours do not coincide with the opening of polling stations (or do so for a period of less than two hours), they will not be entitled to paid leave or more than hours and less than four hours with the opening hours of the polling stations can benefit from a paid leave of two hours. Workers whose working hours coincide in four or more hours and less than six hours with polling station opening hours will be granted three hours paid leave. Workers whose working hours coincide in six hours or more with the opening hours of the polling stations: they will benefit from a paid holiday of four hours. On the contrary, employees who, unlike the previous ones, perform their work “away from their usual address or under other conditions” will also have the same hours, but in this case to vote by mail.

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