On the day of the United States, the Chinese Dadagiri, which is going to land missiles in Asia, will be finished – we will be building an anti-China missile network and an Indo-Pacific theater along the first chain of islands of the third world war in asia

The United States will now lay a missile net to defeat China’s growing aggression in Asia. For this, the US military will spend an amount of $ 27.4 billion over the next six years to establish the Indo-Pacific Theater Command. The US Indo Pacific Command has submitted a detailed proposal to the US Congress for this theater command to be formed as part of the Pacific Deterrence Initiative. If approved, the US military will install a long chain of missiles to surround China on its own territory. It can also include many countries where the US military is already present. It is said that outside of these countries, the US naval base at Guam located in the Pacific Ocean will also play an important role in the siege of China.

The US military has declared the biggest threat to the future to China

According to Japanese media Nikkei Asia reported, US military documents indicate that the greatest threat to the future of the United States is the rise of traditional blockades. Without a self-sufficient and secure defense capability, China can create pressure against American interests in the region. With the Indo-Pacific military balance more unfavorable, the United States may have to bear the additional risk. In such a situation, America’s enemies may try to change the status quo unilaterally. In such a situation, it is possible that in view of the future risks, the US Congress will approve this budget for the military. By virtue of which, the US military will intensify its defensive and offensive preparations over the next 6 years.

America will surround China at home through the first chain of islands

The report also said that an integrated joint force with a precision-strike missile array would be established west of the international data line as the first chain of islands to counter American enemies. In which the air missile defense system will be built as a second chain of islands with small contingents of the army. The First Island chain also includes several islands, including Taiwan, Okinawa, and the Philippines, which China sees as the first line of defense. The Chinese military in this region, as part of its anti-access and area denial policy, often harasses the US military in the South China Sea. Whenever US military warships and reconnaissance planes attempt to enter the area, the Chinese military tries to chase it away, telling it to be within range.

China will end in the South China Sea

The US Army’s second island chain stretches from southeast Japan west to the Pacific Ocean to Guam and south to Indonesia. Situations at these locations will play a role of second strike capability to respond to Chinese antics of the US anti-defense system and small military contingents. The Indo-Pacific Command presented an investment plan for Congress this month from 2022 to 2027. For the year 2022, the proposal recommends a grant of $ 4.7 billion. This is almost double the budget of $ 2.2 billion approved for the sector in the current year, which is 2021. The United States spends $ 5 billion each year to deal with Russia, now they’ll have to spend almost the same amount to fight China.

General complaints from the United States – China can attack Taiwan

In a speech to the Washington-based think tank American Enterprise Institute Thursday, the Commander of the US Indo-Pacific Command Edward Philip Davidson said we were worried for the next 6 years. We are concerned that China is trying to change the status quo in the meantime, as we are seeing in Taiwan. He said it was widely accepted that between now and 2026, one could choose to forcefully change the status quo in the region. I would say the change in this situation can be permanent. In such a situation, strategic mathematics can change this whole area for America.

US military prepares to beat China

According to the document, the plan is designed by examining China’s recent defense programs. In this report, the US military insisted on completing its preparations in advance to take possible action in accordance with the requirements. It is stated in this document that we must make our preparations at such a level that our army is ready to thwart any potential enemy attack. This proposal will also be discussed with the countries involved in this program. South Korea has already prevented the US military from deploying the missile. On the other hand, Japan also did not allow the United States to deploy missiles in its country last year. In such a situation, the biggest challenge America faces is convincing its friends.

America behind China in missiles

As a member of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, the United States’ missile capability has suffered greatly. China has more strength in terms of intermediate-range missiles. China has 1,250 medium-range missiles that attack from the ground. While the United States has virtually no capacity in this area. The United States has halted development of ground-launched missiles between 500 km and 5,500 km due to the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Now that deal expires in 2019, after which the US military will restart its missile program.

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