One Equity Partners acquires a stake in VASS

One Equity Partners (OEP), an American private equity firm specializing in the mid-market, has announced a majority investment in VASS with the aim of promoting the VASS @ 400 strategic growth plan. With this transaction, the growth objective will grow from 135 million euros today to 400 million euros in 5 years. This growth will consolidate VASS’s position as an industry leader in Spain with an international vision, supported by both organic and inorganic growth plans, both in Spain and internationally.

After the signing of this agreement, the founder of VASS, Fco Javier Latasa Vassallo, will remain until now the Executive Chairman of the group and will be the one who leads this ambitious growth plan.

VASS @ 400 is the strategic plan launched by VASS two years ago and which aims to create the benchmark group in the Spanish digital services market with a strong international dimension. With the acquisition of companies in Spain with a complementary offer to VASS and that of companies in the target markets of the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, the Benelux and the Nordic countries, VASS will achieve the necessary growth as well as an increase in its clientele. The key to success will rest on the evolution towards a model of large customers, both in Europe and America, where the new group offers specialized digital solutions in each of the sectors where VASS is currently a leader (Banking, Insurance, Telecoms, Energy and Industry.).

According to Fco. Javier Latasa, President of VASS: “We want to lead the sector in the years to come and do so by creating a leading Spanish digital group, with a strong presence and strong international projection. This challenge is not easy, but we are sure that with our members, our team and now our new partner, we will take the necessary steps to achieve it. For VASS, this is a sectoral project, where we want to join other companies to participate in the creation of the group that will lead the sector in the next 10 years ”.

According to Joerg Zirener, senior executive director of One Equity Partners, “VASS is the best partner in digital solutions for companies looking to be competitive with digital transformation solutions that span the entire value chain. This transaction represents OEP’s interest in partnering with leading technology companies in the market that have demonstrated solid experience in organic growth. We hope to replicate our success and experience in the industry as recently demonstrated with Lutech, a Milan-based IT services company, which since its acquisition by OEP has grown from € 180m to € 440m over the past three years. . years “.

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