One hundred business leaders create post-COVID-19 business guide

COVID-19 has marked a new paradigm of unexpected changes and new challenges that we face as a society. The pandemic is setting a precedent for future scenarios and is also an accelerator of trends that affect all areas of our lives. In response to this new scenario, nearly 100 business leaders have co-created this Guide for reflection and action online, from and for the commercial fabric, through 5 workshops organized during the NetChallenge 2020 virtual meeting of Netmentora Catalunya.

The guide covers five major areas that affect businesses today: purpose, competitiveness, consumer, innovation and people. A real and practical point of view in which the experience of people and companies of different sizes and sectors comes together. An exercise in co-creation and cross-innovation to inspire business leaders and their organizations.

According to Beatriz de Vicente, director of Netmentora Catalunya: “This step has not been easy for any company. Neither big nor small. Neither multinationals nor local companies. We wanted to have them all sit down to face this new stage together and serve as an inspiration to those who need it. It doesn’t matter what experience you have but what you do with it. And the sharing of experience is the response of this network of companies to promote economic development and job creation before, during and after Covid ”.

A decalogue has been extracted from the Guide which summarizes the main points that were discussed and which is intended as an incentive to continue to create and consolidate businesses and jobs.

The first two points: Action and Cooperation, are the key to keeping companies afloat, according to the business leaders of the Netmentora network.

The Guide will be free for all those who want to consult it You can download the Netmentora Guide here:



A business is what it does, not what it claims to be



Promote innovation and the international competitiveness of our commercial fabric through cooperation



It is the raison d’être of the organization which transcends each of its actions and decisions, which gives them meaning and coherence, increasing the commitment of its employees and the sustainability of the company itself.



Diversity and gender equality give a great competitive advantage to the organizations which integrate them and act in coherence with them: the role of women is inalienable in the company



Commitment to sustainable development, people and the community are values ​​demanded by society which require an increasingly responsible attitude from the company



Innovation will only be so if it is disruptive, is part of the company’s DNA and includes all its audiences.



Lead by inspiring, giving everyone the confidence and authority to make decisions in their areas of responsibility



Digitization allows us to achieve a more agile and efficient organization and, above all, allows us to better know our customer and put him at the center of our strategy.



The consumption model has changed and requires omnichannel and immediacy, in addition to a two-way dialogue where people are more selective and demand security, sustainability and diversity.



The pandemic has given us the opportunity, or the obligation, to rethink the processes, models, attitudes and beliefs that, when aligned, will enable us to promote the change that society demands.

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