One in four employees want to change jobs in 2021

A new IBM study has found that one in four employees would like to change jobs in 2021, more precisely 21% in the case of Spain. When choosing a company, Spanish respondents look to companies that allow them to have as much flexibility between their work and personal life (45%) as companies that promote their professional development (38%). The study shows how voluntary job changes, as well as interest in training for new skills, are a priority for workers in today’s labor market.

To better understand the motivations and aspirations of employees in 2021, IBM surveyed more than 14,000 adults from nine countries, including Spain (1,502). Among the main findings of the study are:

One in five workers participating in the global survey voluntarily changed jobs in 2020, with Gen Z (33%) and Gen Y (25%) standing out by group. In Spain, 14% of workers who changed jobs in 2020 did so voluntarily.

28% of employees surveyed globally (21% in Spain) who said they plan to change jobs in 2021, cited flexible hours or locations, increased benefits and support for their well-being as the main ones reasons.

“The pandemic has changed employee expectations of their jobs. Companies need to take a more empathetic and personalized approach to attracting and retaining talent, especially for Gen Z and Millennial candidates who are more likely to become entrepreneurs or change jobs, ”said Amy Wright, IBM Talent & Transformation manager. “They need to deliver tailored training plans and career paths, fostering inclusive and flexible cultures, and breaking down hiring biases using technologies such as artificial intelligence.”

Online and face-to-face training

The report also shows how confident workers are in their skills, with 87% of employees globally believing they already have the skills to meet their employment goals for 2021. Despite this confidence, the majority of employees are considering additional training to improve their skills. to come up. In Spain, 43% say they will bet to continue training through online courses and 26% through face-to-face courses.

To develop skills for the future, IBM launched SkillsBuild in 2020, a free and open e-learning platform that aims to train job seekers with the professional preparation and technical skills they need for to work. It offers a wide range of interactive courses in different languages, including Spanish, and the opportunity for job seekers to take advantage of personal coaching tools, complete CV creation projects and obtain credentials to present their skills to companies.

Students who access the platform can self-assess their interests and skills, helping them to create a personalized learning path. The training covers areas such as cybersecurity, data analytics, customer service, job skills, and the essentials of applying, among others. Some of the Spanish partners who use this platform as a tool to facilitate the employability of different groups are Puentes Global, Plan International, FUE, Homeless Entrepreneur, MentorDay, Mobile World Capital Foundation, La Kalle or La Rueca.

“The homeless entrepreneur’s experience with IBM’s SkillsBuild program, as well as with the IBM team that makes it possible, has been excellent. We have received constant feedback from homeless people in our program who are using the platform to generate greater career opportunities and we have received incredible support to improve the overall user experience, ”said Andrew Funk. , founder of Homeless Entrepreneur.

“Completing the IBM SkillsBuild levels allowed me to develop my skills to become the professional that I always wanted to be and that professional companies need right now. I enjoy the learning process and I appreciate the opportunity that IBM has created for people who need a platform that gives realistic hope in these difficult times, ”said María Cruz Mendoza, a student of #HomelessEntrepreneur.

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