One in four Spanish businesspeople plans downsizing

One in four Spanish business people plan to cut their workforce in the coming months. At least, this is shown by the results of the survey conducted by the IEF. In it, 27% of employers plan to cut their workforce for next year.

Despite the circumstances, the survey also shows that 63% of employers will retain their workforce. Only 10% of them consider that next year they will increase their numbers. This survey, conducted since 2012, shows that since then there has not been such a level of entrepreneurs eager to cut jobs to date.

Hard situation

The coronavirus crisis has disrupted the plans of Spanish companies, according to the investigation. Indeed, the people questioned valued the current economic situation with 4.1 out of 10, a figure that has not been seen since 2013, in the midst of the economic crisis. When will the level of activity and income they had before the Covid-19 crisis be recovered, more than half, or 53% think it will be from 2022.

Due to the situation caused by the pandemic, CEOE President Antonio Garamendi has warned of the damage the situation is causing to the economy. And he demanded a good use of European funds. In this sense, he believes that there should be a “change of structure” so as not to make mistakes and warns that otherwise there is a risk that the funds “will not be used or be misused for short-term projects “which could lead to” precarious “employment.

On the state of alarm, he rejected the possibility of an extension. He stressed that they share the measures, but “not the deadlines” and called for a periodic review of the measures implemented. In this sense, he referred to festivities such as Holy Week. “What do we do with Easter? We accuse him directly of a lack of confidence because we propose this deadline of May? I think it’s a real scandal, ”he added.

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