One in two Spaniards do not disconnect from their work during the holidays

During the summer months, many Spaniards decide to take a few days off. However, while there are multiple benefits to enjoying free time, 53% of them don’t disconnect from work while on vacation, according to Hays’ What Workers Want 2020 report. The main reason is that they feel the need to keep tabs on their mobile, tablet or email.

In addition, the percentage of Spanish employees who say they live connected 24 hours a day to their work is 79%, which is 10% more than the results obtained in early 2020, according to the ‘COVID-19 Global Impact’ report. by Cigna. . Likewise, the situation of chronic stress with teleworking has become a major problem, as the number of Spaniards who suffer from it increased from 60% to 75% last year.

In this sense, from Synergie, the Human Resources consulting firm, an expert in selection, underlines that the fact that many people have gone to work from home has increased the difficulty of disconnecting from work outside working hours. On the one hand, the leisure space, for some, has become a workspace and, moreover, the inability to digitally disconnect from mobile devices makes the situation even worse.

Need for rest beyond work

The summer vacation period is approaching and many workers continue to accumulate responsibilities, being unable to rest from their obligations. Synergie experts recommend a total disconnection on vacation, to reduce stress, improve physical rest and revive the mind to develop new projects and ideas.

Knowing how to make the most of your vacation is essential to take care of yourself and regain your strength to start the new period. The holiday period recommended by the experts is around 10 to 12 consecutive days, as this is enough time to disconnect, but not too long to make the return difficult and complicated. For their part, companies must have a well-defined vacation policy and managers must help their teams to disconnect, by offering good vacations, rest periods and coordination facilities between departments.

Vacation increases employee productivity upon return

Unloading while on vacation is necessary to complete all tasks when you return to work. According to a Sodexo study, every 10 hours of vacation that a worker takes, their performance improves by 8%. The same report indicates that tired employees make more mistakes and see their productivity and motivation decrease.

In this sense, Synergie Espaa, as a leading company in Human Resources, wanted to provide all its audiences with tools to really disconnect this summer. As Josep Morales, member of the Marketing and Communication department, explains, he intends to “offer elements of real disconnection to any member of our target audience. We wanted to make a summer action centered on leisure and accessible to practically everyone. Music, games, mobile applications to make the most of the summer … After a period which has been very difficult for everyone, it is more than ever necessary to disconnect during the free days. “

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