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The essentials RTL reports that Muriel M., according to his statements in police custody, admitted to having given the green light to the execution of Hassan T., one of his employees, a CGT member and yellow vest.

RTL-Radio reports on this horrific scenario. The one from Muriel M., 30 years operations manager in the plastics industry at Oyonnax in Ain, who commissioned a contract for the head of a member of the CGT who was perceived as “embarrassing”

On May 6, after three days in police custody, she admitted the facts to investigators of the Paris Criminal Police, as RTL learned.

“During a meal, Mr V. actually suggested that I make it disappear”

“Mr V actually suggested to me during a meal to make it go away [le syndicaliste], Muriel M. explained spontaneously at the resumption of her hearing to the police, which I resisted. Fifteen days later he called back (…) he put me under pressure and I said yes. I don’t know why, but I said yes, “reports RTL.

With these few words, the managing director confirmed the allegations of Fréderic V., the alleged mastermind of a detective cell dissolved in a Masonic lodge, who mixed former secret service agents and secret agents and had occasionally confessed to this dark project.

Muriel M. was charged with criminal conspiracy to murder on May 7 and taken into custody, RTL said.

But what happened that pulled a businesswoman from Ain into such an unreal scenario as an American gangster movie?

Her “union phobia” urges her to let her employee disappear

It is initially a chance meeting between her and Frederic V that will change her life forever. At that time he asserted himself as an expert in matters of security and economic intelligence and “venerable” of the Athanor de Puteaux Lodge. He and his partner sympathize with Muriel M. and her husband during a stay in Switzerland in 2019.

In the months that followed, they met several times, while eating and skiing on the weekend, says RTL. The friendship took on a professional dimension when the boss brought him to her company in January 2020 to consider a security audit.

At the same time, tensions increased between the manager and one of her four years in office, Hassan T. The 52-year-old mechanic, member of the CGT and yellow vest.

Hassan T. was elected to the CSE at the end of 2019. Muriel M. then tells of his “fear” that he will unite other employees around himself and that “trade unions are declaring themselves (…) after we have lost the family spirit,” he said to the police. It was his “phobia,” confirms his brother, co-manager of the company.

Here Muriel M. goes into the subject of Frédéric V. She “grumbles”, as she puts it, and says loudly in her office that she wants to “disappear” for Hassan T. “My words have exceeded my thinking,” she asserts at the first hearings, always according to RTL.

A hit man at his table

“He told me that these things could actually happen, that he had the opportunity to make them disappear,” Muriel M. told the investigators. But she replies that eliminating someone is “out of the question”.

However, fifteen days later, the fatal deal was confirmed during the famous phone call. The union leader contract will be part of a “package” of training + audit + elimination. Everything for around 80,000 euros, settled in “four bills”, addressed to the various companies of Frédéric V.

Fortunately for Hassan T., the contract is not kept after the henchman Sébastien L. has given it up and another affair urges Frederic V. to terminate the contract.

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