OneDrive for Android will improve PDF handling

Our smartphones have become a projection of our work and our life. At Microsoft, they realize this and know that OneDrive is an essential part of managing photos and documents on both a personal and professional level. Now, we are trying to make the management of PDF documents much better.

Soon, you’ll master PDFs with OneDrive for Android

OneDrive for Android will soon add several new features for managing PDF files. According to various entries in the Microsoft 365 roadmap, OneDrive for Android will soon support night reading mode, diagrams in PDF files, and switching to specific pages of PDF files.

All features are marked as in development and could arrive this month. As always, the release dates for any functionality in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap are subject to change.

We start by highlighting how OneDrive for Android will soon be compatible with a night reading mode. The Microsoft 365 roadmap states the following:

OneDrive for Android users will be able to change the appearance of PDF files in three main color modes which are day mode, night mode and sepia for better viewing.

As we previously noted, another piece of the Microsoft 365 roadmap mentions that the app will support schemas for PDF files:

OneDrive for Android users will be able to see an outline or table of contents that they can use to navigate.

Finally, we have one last element related to the upcoming possibility of switching to the pages of a PDF:

OneDrive for Android users will be able to browse the PDF by entering the page number in Go to page.

Once all of these features are implemented in OneDrive for Android, the app will be significantly better at viewing and working with PDF files. Some of these features seem to be on their way to iOS as well, including the ability to switch to Pages.

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