OneDrive for Business now supports shortcuts

OneDrive for Business users can now try out the new “Add to OneDrive” option, a feature previously available in preview. The feature allows users to pin shared file shortcuts to their own libraries, making it easier to manage shared files without changing permissions.

OneDrive for Business now offers shortcuts

“With Add to OneDrive, not only can we bring all of our shared content together in one place, but we can also work with shared content with the same power and flexibility as if it were files we own. This means that we can easily sync and access these folders from anywhere on any device; share files securely in the added folder; and keep up to date with @mentions, activities and notifications. The added files also respect all existing policies, compliance and security settings, ”the company explained.

To add a shared file or folder to your library, simply select it, then click on the “Add shortcut to my files” icon available at the top. Once added, users will be able to see a shortcut of the file in the My Files section. This feature works for files shared through SharePoint, Teams, and even OneDrive.

Microsoft says IT administrators will be able to turn off this feature for users in their organizations. The team will continue to listen to comments and the temporary option will be removed in the coming months. You can see this support article for more information.

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