OneDrive is now compatible with iOS Live Photos

In 2015, Apple launched Live Photos on iOS devices. With Live Photos, your iOS device records what happens 1.5 seconds before and after taking a photo. Instead of a still image, you get the moment captured with movement and sound. But we haven’t seen this in OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

OneDrive now supports Live Photos

So far, if you upload a live photo to OneDrive from iOS, we will lose the live part of the image. Only the still image is stored in OneDrive. Additionally, Live Photos support was one of the most requested features on OneDrive on the iOS UserVoice feedback page for several years. In June, Microsoft announced that Live Photos support would arrive this summer.

Yesterday Microsoft released a new beta of OneDrive for iOS users. This version of OneDrive v2.5 comes with Live Photos support. We have also verified that this feature works as expected. If you capture a live photo, OneDrive now downloads it as a live photo. However, you can only enjoy the “Live” portion of the image in the Apple Photos app. The OneDrive iOS client or the OneDrive web experience will display Live Photo as a static image.

We hope this new feature helps you better archive your memories in OneDrive. Those in Redmond go to great lengths to stand out from the rest of the options.

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