OneDrive now includes a photo editor on the web and Android

Little by little, OneDrive is becoming an essential service. The great work of the team took us from using OneDrive as a file manager to so much more. Working between cloud storage and Office allows us to get the most out of it and apps on smartphones sync our photos at all times. Now we can also edit them without leaving OneDrive, at least on Android and the web.

OneDrive now allows us to edit photos

Changes are coming to OneDrive for Android and the web, although they will come later on other operating systems. Both on Android and on the web, we can now edit our photos and apply some edits to them.

Now we can crop, rotate, flip, adjust color and brightness of our photos. Also, if we dare, we can crop freehand or use the proportions suggested by Microsoft. In addition, we can rotate the images in 90 degree angles or with the angle we want to straighten our photos which may have fallen. To control the theme of color and brightness in photos, we can work with exposure and contrast to saturate or remove saturation from a photo. In addition, we will have many other options to edit our photos.

These editing features are being rolled out for OneDrive person accounts. OneDrive for School and Work will have to wait until this summer (which is Microsoft’s current estimated delivery time), and OneDrive for iOS will get the features “later this year,” according to Microsoft’s blog post on the subject. .

In that same post, it is mentioned that we can now stream our photos from OneDrive to TVs through Chromecast. Additionally, users will have the option to organize images by date and source, although this feature won’t arrive for the next couple of months for OneDrive users on Android.

Finally, there is photo filtering. Here’s how Microsoft describes it: “There are times when you just want to see pictures in your Pictures folder and times when you want to see all the pictures in the cloud. Regardless of the time, you can now filter. You can find this new option at the top right of the Photos for Android tab and the Photos area of ​​OneDrive for the web ”.

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