OneDrive now supports iOS Live Photos

Microsoft has updated its OneDrive app for iOS to support Apple Live Photos. For those who are not familiar, Live Photos is a feature that records what happens 1.5 seconds before and after taking a photo. But so far uploading those Live Photos to OneDrive with the iOS app has eliminated this option.

OneDrive will keep iOS Live Photos

With this latest update, the OneDrive for iOS app can now keep Live Photos. You can even reload old live photos that had been saved as still images. They will be recorded in the correct format and live. To do this, you will need to go to OneDrive Settings> Camera Download> tap on “Reload from Original Formats”> turn on the “Reload Static Photos as Live Photos” option.

As of now, OneDrive for iOS can only download Live Photos for consumer users. This will not work for business accounts. Live photo playback is supported by the iOS app as well as the web app, although it does not yet work on Android.

Apple’s Live Photos is probably one of the few features with iMessage that makes it quite difficult to exit Apple’s Photos app and the company’s iCloud Photo Library. Even though Live Photos has been around since 2015 and the release of the iPhone 6S, it took the OneDrive app on iOS 5 years to properly support this proprietary format.

The Google Photos app for iOS supported Apple’s Live Photos many years ago, but it’s good to see OneDrive finally catching up. If you like to backup all your iPhone and iPad photos to the cloud, you can finally do it to the Microsoft cloud without losing those cool moments captured with motion and sound.

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