OneDrive will allow offline editing of Office files on iOS and iPadOS

Slowly but surely, Microsoft continues to work on improving its many services on different platforms. So today we have to talk about the OneDrive app for iOS, which will introduce a significant improvement throughout this month.

Today, virtually all of us live connected to the Internet, which, although it has many advantages, becomes a problem when it is no longer available. Something that all media and companies that have been affected by yesterday’s massive downfall know well.

Work offline in Office apps

And it is that although we all have the Internet at our fingertips, there are circumstances in which it is impossible for us to access it. Something that in some cases can become a problem, as is currently happening in the OneDrive app for iOS. Application that prevents us from modifying Office documents if we are not connected to the Internet.

Source: Microsoft

However, Microsoft has decided to end this application limitation. Thus, all users who have marked a file on their iPhone or iPad so that it is available offline can, in addition to viewing the document, modify it.

Available in Office, Word and PowerPoint

This way, when the user is connected to the internet again, the changes made to the document will be synchronized so that they can continue working on it from any device. As we have already stated, this new functionality will be available throughout the Office suite, both in the Office application itself and in Word and PowerPoint.

This new feature, according to Microsoft itself, will be available later this month for all iOS and iPadOS users. The wait will therefore not be too long. What do you think of this new OneDrive feature?

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