Online Master in Management and Human Resources Management

The Master in Human Resource Management is ONLINE and has a duration of 720 hours. You get three titles: Master of Nebrija University + Master of IMF Business School + Basic level of PRL + Monograph on Talent and Knowledge Management

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2975 euros with a special offer of 65%. Special prices for unemployed See conditions Funding for up to 12 months without interest Discount for cash payment


Face to face review


Master of Nebrija University + Master of IMF Business School + Basic level of PRL + Monograph on talent and knowledge management

Currently, human capital in companies is the key to success and is an increasingly important element in achieving business goals. To function and grow well, businesses need professionals who properly design, organize and manage personnel policy plans.

In this sense, human resources professionals must be familiar with the key areas of business management. They should have good training in selection, development, career management, compensation, performance appraisal and training techniques, and be up to date with advancements such as knowledge management, skills management or new working methods.

Undoubtedly, to carry out adequate change management, they must know the basic psychological processes of assimilation of change and the leadership and participation styles of the organization, and have a solid knowledge of communication techniques. internal.

Finally, they must be well trained in labor legislation, contracts, rights and duties of workers and labor management of human resources.

Your Master in Human Resources issued by the IMF and the title of Senior Technician in Human Resources Management, issued by the CEU, which certifies that you have the complete training that allows you to accomplish the tasks of management and direction of Human Resources , an essential element for companies wishing to successfully face the continuous changes imposed by the market.


The IMF is committed to an academic model based on online training with the support of new technologies, offering the possibility of distance education with the support of the same technologies.

Study manuals: fully updated and with great technical rigor, easily understandable and with a clear practical vocation. Developed by technical specialists and educators. Practical exercises: allow the application of theoretical knowledge to real professional situations. Self-assessment test: they allow the student to measure, subject by subject, the correct understanding of the content.

Personalized follow-up

Guardians. The course tutor group is mainly made up of professionals from business and academia, who can impart live work experiences to students and provide valuable examples in the field of human resources. The tutors act as facilitators, periodically monitor the students and are available to them to answer their doubts or questions, through: A free, permanent and personalized consultation line, both by phone and by email. Possibility of organizing as many private interviews as deemed appropriate with the tutor. Virtual room. You can access the course program from anywhere, carry out practical checks and exercises, consult the legislation, search for internships or a job, make an appointment with your tutor …


Continuous evaluation. Throughout the course, you will be able to gauge your progress with the correction – in virtual class or by the tutor – of the partial checks of each module. At the end of the Master, you must pass a final face-to-face exam in which your knowledge of the program will be assessed.

Requirements Master in Management and Human Resources Management

University degree or equivalent professional experience

Recipients Master in Management and Human Resources Management

Professionals or university graduates who wish to occupy positions of responsibility in technical and managerial fields in departments or consulting offices in human resources (HR).

Objectives Master in Direction and Human Resources Management

Manage the most advanced techniques of human resources management, recruitment, selection, management by skills, training, career plans, management by objectives, performance evaluation, remuneration, social benefits, use of new technologies in human resources management , personnel management resources, etc. Mastery of the managerial skills of the director of human resources, communication, teamwork, time management. Use the most effective methods to carry out collective bargaining. Know the labor legislation, contracts and the consequences of its application, the rights and duties of workers and the management of human resources work.

Management of the master’s program and human resources management

MODULE I – Efficient organization of human capital MODULE II – Efficient personnel selection techniques MODULE III – Human resource development as a competitive advantage MODULE IV – Current models of human resources management MODULE V – Employment contracts and their bonuses MODULE VI – Regulatory aspects of the employment relationship MODULE VII – How to proceed with a dismissal or dismissal MODULE VIII – Salary concepts and their reflection in the payroll MODULE IX – Rights and obligations with social security MODULE X – Basic level of the ORP module XI – Talent and knowledge management

Duration of the Master in Human Resources Management

720 hours

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