Online training, a key strategy for those who wish to undertake and / or develop their entrepreneurial skills

Online training, a key strategy for those who wish to undertake and / or develop their entrepreneurial skills

A new edition of “LNZATE, Create and Promote Your Own Social Impact Business” will start in March with the aim of fostering an entrepreneurial culture. This is an online training program organized by the Santa Mara la Real Foundation with the collaboration and co-financing of the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030.

The initiative, completely free, will take place virtually between the months of March and June. Given the success of the first edition held in 2020, this year the training hours will be extended and ten workshops will take place. In addition, a cycle of four webinars will be organized with leading professionals from the social entrepreneurship sector in Spain.

This initiative is aimed at the unemployed or the active; aged 18 to 65, who wish to undertake and / or develop their entrepreneurial skills.

100% online workshops

LNZATE offers ten online training workshops, open to residents throughout Spain and completely free. They will take place between the months of March and June, and will deepen the characteristics of social entrepreneurship and what are its models. Each workshop will consist of three sessions with three sessions lasting four hours.

Its participants will work in teams and learn to generate and validate business ideas with agile methodologies, such as Design Thinking and Lean Startup, and the creation of business models with Lean Canvas. They will discover sectoral networks specializing in social entrepreneurship, digital tools to maximize the transformative impact of each of the projects and the key aspects of financing.

They will also have a specialized mentor online to resolve doubts and so that each participant can value the strengths of their project. “He succeeded in promoting the implementation of my entrepreneurial idea and it is a boost of energy and confidence”, commented the participants of the first edition.

Webinars with references in Spain

In addition to the workshops, four webinars, one and a half hours, will be organized by leaders of social entrepreneurship in Spain, to deepen key axes such as the role of social entrepreneurs, the 2030 Agenda or empowerment in social integration of companies.

March 1. ‘Social entrepreneurship? Companies to leave no one behind ‘Carlos Ballesteros Garca. Professor. Director of Social Affairs ICADE. Director of the Research Chair on Social Impact, University Institute for Migration Studies. March 24. “Social Entrepreneurs: Driving Change in Women” Victoria Tortosa. Director of La Exclusiva Logstica Social SL Social entrepreneur Ashoka 2017. April 22. “Good practices for social integration and entrepreneurship” Jess Ca. General Manager of the Center for Professional Integration JOSENEA. Best practices award for sustainable local development of the Foral Community of Navarre 2019-2020. May 20. “Walking together: supporting networks for social entrepreneurship” Catalina Parra. President of the Hazloposible Foundation. 2019 EY Social Entrepreneur Award

A great success in previous editions

In its first edition, “LNZATE, create and promote your own business with social impact” was carried out virtually with people with an entrepreneurial concern from the cities of Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Badajoz and Valladolid. It started in May 2020 with a cycle of webinars and continued with online training sessions, which were complemented by individual mentoring workshops, delivered by specialists from the Santa Mara la Real Foundation team. , in order to advise on the start of entrepreneurial ideas.

In total, 205 people, 80% of whom are women and with an average age of 42 years, have participated free of charge in this initiative and value the methodology and the content, stressing that it offers “a complete and global vision of the entrepreneurship. Clear ”, as one of its participants explains; or how it meant “help to target, contextualize and assess the feasibility aspects of different business models”.

These activities have borne fruit. On the one hand, 80% of the 81 participants in the training workshops created their Lean Canvas business model, essential for knowing the key aspects of their business idea.

“It’s excellent, motivating and practical. This quickly brings us to action. “About 60% of the participants claimed to have improved their entrepreneurial skills to successfully face their project, and 98% of the participants appreciated this program, being able to provide a new perspective to understand how to start a business and promote an idea with social impact.

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