Only 2% of CVs correspond to people looking for jobs related to R + D + i

Only 2% of CVs correspond to people looking for jobs related to R + D + i

Science and technology are the engine of development and the evolution of societies. However, according to an analysis by the online curriculum creation platform, out of more than one hundred thousand CVs created in Spain during the first semester of 2021, only 2% refer to positions related to research and development in as analysts, engineers. or programmers.

“Jobs dedicated to innovation and research generally require very specific training coupled with extensive experience. This explains why these CVs are, in general, rarer than those of, for example, a sales assistant or an administrative agent ”, explains spokesperson Rolf Bax.

Regardless today in almost everything from food and drink to sports, professionals with technical skills are needed to put the company on the path of innovation and digital transformation. . This is a growing and evolving segment, as well as an interesting and lucrative job opportunity.

The importance of highlighting the capacities related to R & D & i in the CV

Technical skills in curricula are a category considered, with “technical skills” and “soft skills” (specific training and emotional skills, respectively) as fundamental in today’s world of work. And, although in theory they are among the first, they are actually much more specific. Indeed, they have to do with the use of complex tools and normally related to STEM subjects, in this case hardware, software and a series of methodologies and solutions that usually take years to learn.

For this reason, in the case of profiles related to R & D & I, it is even more important that it be clear – even at first glance – what these specific abilities are (in fact, the rarer they are, the better. ‘is) and that they are relevant to the trading position we choose. “For example, it makes a lot of sense to emphasize mastery of a certain program, the creation of a specific code or privileged genetics (for example an above-average olfactory or taste system may be fundamental in the detection or analysis of novel foods). In addition, to highlight them even more, we can explain how we have applied these skills in previous jobs and the achievements obtained through them. In these cases, exclusivity and a specialized training in something that few people master may be what the job will bring us, ”says Bax. Always without exaggerating or lying, CVApp recommends, because in such specific positions the interviewer will be as expert or more than us and will undoubtedly detect it.

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