Only 32.5% of Spaniards would be ready to get the coronavirus vaccine immediately

Publication: Friday, December 4, 2020 2:44 PM

The government plans to vaccinate between 15 and 20 million Spaniards by May or June. However, only 32.5% of citizens would be ready to be vaccinated immediately against the coronavirus, according to a survey published this Friday by the CIS.

According to the survey, the majority of those questioned, 55.2%, would prefer to wait to know the effects of the vaccine before taking it, against 8.4% who are in no way willing to be vaccinated.

However, of those who would prefer to wait, 59.6% would be ready to get the vaccine immediately if their doctor recommended it because of their medical history or because of the risk of infecting a family member.

In addition, a large majority of those polled say they recently reported on the progress of the COVID-19 vaccine: 82.9%, compared to 16.5% who were not told.

The survey was conducted between November 23-26, that is, after Pfizer or Moderna reported their efficacy data and coincided with the announcement of the government’s vaccination plan, presented on November 24. .

Concern about the pandemic

In general, respondents are concerned about the pandemic situation: more than half, 50.8%, say they are “very” concerned, against 41% who are “quite worried”.

When asked about COVID-19 regulations, the majority of those surveyed see the penalties or fines needed to enforce them (78.4%), compared to 16% who believe people are complying voluntarily. Of the total number of people questioned, 38.7% are in favor of tightening these sanctions.

Regarding the declaration of the state of alarm for six months, the majority supports it: 19% “totally agree” and 38.2% “tend to agree”, against 16.9% “ few agree “and 18.3% who” disagree “.

Likewise, 27% bet on the declaration of a new home confinement, while 63.1% are against.

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