only 82,834 people were vaccinated

Publication: Monday, January 4, 2021 3:30 PM

Only 82,834 people have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. This is the figure confirmed by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, and which shows the slowness of the process, which does not meet the expectations of epidemiologists or citizens. In 9 days of the vaccination campaign, only 0.19% of the 47 million Spaniards were vaccinated.

Some communities attribute it to the holiday calendar, but others, like the Canary Islands, did not stop on holidays or weekends. The data is published by each community because the Ministry of Health does not have a centralized register of inoculated doses.

The most striking case of the delay in the campaign is that of Madrid: of the 48,750 received, only around 3,000 were administered. In addition, they are now receiving another shipment of nearly 49,000 additional injections. These data together with the president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, insists that Madrid requires a greater number of doses to immunize the population.

According to Madrid’s Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, the problems are at the origin of the distribution, which was delayed last week, since the residences “have requested that we delay this vaccination by a week because a large part residents were with their families, and also for staff vacations. “This was denied by the employers of the residences and also by the relatives of the elderly who live there.

Madrid gave only 3000 vaccines

Of the total dose received, half of the injections are reserved to ensure that those vaccinated will have the second shot which guarantees immunity to the virus. In other words, 3,000 vaccines were provided out of the 24,000 available last week.

In Catalonia, 8,000 doses were administered during those nine days and they claim the delay was due to logistics and cold chain issues. According to the Ministry of Health, it will attempt to administer 30,000 sera per week, including holidays.

They did this in the Canary Islands and also in Galicia, where 5,000 (out of 13,000 received) and 9,500 vaccines were distributed, respectively. Andalusia was the one that injected the most serums, with 26,464.

Asturias and Castilla y León, among the most compliant

Among the most compliant are Asturias, which used 9,707 of the 12,020 doses received, of which 5,705 were intended for residents. Castilla y León, which administered 11,154 vaccines out of the 26,000 received in the first shipment.

“It is advisable not to administer more than 40% to ensure the second dose”, explained the vice-president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Francisco Igea.

Among the territories where the doses are the lowest, Cantabria stands out, which administered 304, without providing those received. Aragon injected 1,848 (12,015 received), Extremadura 753 (10,725 received).

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