“Only employment can save the most vulnerable from exclusion in 2021”

The Adecco Foundation sends out a message after a disastrous year: “Only employment can save the most vulnerable from exclusion in 2021”

After the grayest year in recent times, 2021 begins, a year marked by uncertainty that threatens to continue to drag into poverty and social exclusion people already facing hardship before the pandemic, such as is the case of those with disability.

During the year 2020, the hiring of people with disabilities fell by around 29% and the forecasts for 2021 are very uncertain: “the hiring behavior during this year will depend a lot on the commitment companies and public administrations with the challenge of not leaving disabled people behind, employment being the most complete and precise response, so that they are independent and lead a dignified and normalized life ”- emphasizes Francisco Mesonero , Managing Director of the Adecco Foundation.

In this context, 13 people with disabilities lent their image and their testimony to the 2021 calendar of the Adecco Foundation, to remind that only employment can save them from exclusion in 2021.

Precisely under the metaphor of “The Color of Jobs”, the almanac reflects the significant mark that work leaves on people with disabilities, exposing their lives of hope and being the best safe-conduct to escape poverty and poverty. social exclusion. The tone chosen to color the pages was turquoise blue, because of all that it represents: turquoise is one of the oldest charms of many civilizations and symbolizes prosperity and good fortune, associated with stability, to health or healing. , attributes which acquire a very important value at this stage. It is also the corporate color of the Adecco brand, aligned with all these values ​​and embodying the mission of its Foundation.

According to Francisco Mesonero, Managing Director of the Adecco Foundation: “in troubled times, we cannot allow people with disabilities to be the great forgotten. This calendar is much more than a chronological agenda: it represents the opportunity to recall, month by month, the indisputable role that companies, public authorities and civil society play in promoting the social and professional inclusion of people. disabled, by contributing light to their lives and guaranteeing them not to become the double victims of this crisis ”.

Thus, during the 12 months of the year, the protagonists recall that employment is not an end in itself, but a means which represents, according to them, “the place where they feel useful”, “the opportunity to feel more alive ”and, finally,“ the best demonstration of social equality ”.

Testimonies full of hope to color a gray year

The year that has just started is certainly a year of uncertainty, but not of despair. This is how the protagonists of the “The Color of Jobs” calendar wanted to reflect it, which, brush in hand, symbolized that with a positive attitude and energy, even the deepest darkness can be. illuminated. Each month contains the testimony and artistic portrait of a disabled person who, day after day, fights for their dignity through employment.

The 13 stories leave us a lesson in life that dismantles prejudices and invites us to reflect. The cover is produced by Mara Petit, a visually impaired ambassador of the Adecco Foundation who, during the past year, has had to face great challenges such as climbing to the top of the Pyrenees, despite the great difficulties. Another protagonist is Edu Carrera, professional skier and entrepreneur with a physical disability, also ambassador of the Adecco Foundation. In his days of conscience, Edu values ​​resilience and personal development as his great engines of life. Along with them, other faces illustrate the pages of the calendar: Paz, Jessica, Serge, Jorge, Asuncin, Silvia, Lucas, Johanna, Alejandro, Jorge and Jos Antonio, who with their real stories, embody the importance of employment for people with disabilities. disability and the color it brings to its life: normalization, equality, autonomy, personal development, dignity, etc.

The initiative was made possible thanks to the collaboration of 33 companies that support the #EmpleoParaTodos project of the Adecco Foundation.

Francisco Mesonero, Managing Director of the Adecco Foundation, stressed that corporate engagement is the basic pillar to stop the spread of poverty and exclusion in the COVID-19 era. “It is now that the gears of corporate diversity strategies must demonstrate their strength and crystallize into practical initiatives that truly promote the professional inclusion of people with disabilities. It is time to show that values ​​such as empathy, collaboration or diversity prevail over uncertainty and are the maximum guarantee to strengthen social cohesion through a more resilient business fabric ”.

The calendar and the full testimonies of the protagonists are available at the following link:

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