Onlyfans star Rocio Pino promises free boob jobs if she wins Mexican parliament election

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Candidates around the world often make strange promises to win elections, Rosio Pino, who is running in Mexico, did a unique thing about breasts Rossio Pino said if she wins the election she is guaranteed to enlarge chest Mexico City
Candidates often make strange promises to win elections, one such case has been revealed in Mexico. The unique election promise made by Rocio Pino (33), a model of OnlyFans, who is running in the legislative elections in Mexico, has become a topic of discussion around the world. Rossio Pino said that if she wins the election, all women will be guaranteed to enlarge their breasts for free.

Rocio Pino, who was a sex worker in a conversation with the Daily Star, said her dream was to go to the Parliament of Mexico as an MP. “My campaign promise is that all women will be guaranteed free breast augmentation,” she said. Rossio, a candidate for the Progressive Social Network party, is a candidate for the Mexican Chamber of Deputies and has promised to guarantee free breast augmentation to seduce female voters.

Rossio Pino promises breast

undressed and posted a photo
Rosio said that if she becomes an MP, she will give the right to free surgery for women who have beaten cancer. “Preference will be given to women whose breasts have been surgically cut,” he said. Rosio is known as La Grocera and has been called a “vulgar” woman on social media. She is now leading a campaign to enlarge the breast.

He appealed to voters to make their vote empower women. Rosio, the content creator of the adult website OnlyFans, takes $ 144 or 10,400 rupees each year from his 60,000 subscribers. In contrast, during the election campaign, he posted a photo after undressing. He hopes this photo will attract voters and vote.

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