OpenCL and OpenGL Compatibility Pack Coming to Windows 10

In March, we reported that support for OpenCL 1.2 and OpenGL 3.3 is available on all Windows and DirectX 12 compatible devices. Microsoft has released a support package. This allows us to run any OpenCL and OpenGL application on a Windows 10 PC on which the OpenCL and OpenGL hardware drivers are not installed by default. If you have a DirectX 12 driver installed on your Windows 10 PC, the supported applications will run with hardware acceleration for better performance.

OpenCL and OpenGL get better on Windows 10

At this time, only certain applications can use this compatibility pack. Microsoft also mentioned that Windows Insiders can get an Insiders version of this package that allows more apps to use it.

Good news for all Windows 10 users. Maximum compatibility means much better performance regardless of technology. You can download the compatibility pack for these two components here from the Microsoft Store.

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Price: free

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