Operation lal dora: India plans to invade Mauritius to save the government of Anerood Jugnauth, all you want to know

Port Louis
India has decreed a day of mourning after the death of former Mauritian President Anirudh Jugnauth. It is very rare that another country mourns the death of a former head of state of a country. But, Anirudh Jugnauth was such a person that even Indira Gandhi admired a lot. This is the reason why two years after the independence of this country, she became the first Indian Prime Minister to reach Mauritius. After him, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also visited Mauritius in March 2015. When India faced an emergency resulting from the second Corona wave in April-May, this small country sent aid before America. Because of this relationship between India and Mauritius, Indira Gandhi named this country “Little India”.

India’s strong presence in this country stings China and the United States
The geographical location of Mauritius is strategically important in the Indian Ocean. This is the reason why many European countries, including Great Britain, America and China, are still trying to establish their domination over this country. Despite all this, the love of people of Indian descent here has kept this country firmly linked with India. Regardless of the Indian government, he has helped Mauritius and his people since gaining independence from British slavery in 1968.

What is Operation Lal Dora?
In 2013 David Brewster, professor of Australia in the Asian Security Magazine and Ranjit Rai, a former Indian Navy spy, wrote the full script for this operation in an article titled “Operation Lal Dora: Aborted Military Intervention from India to Mauritius ”. In this article, information was given about Indian military planning, strategic thinking, exit from non-alignment policy in the Indian Ocean. However, this operation has not been officially accepted by the Indian government today.

The heart should be big to help sir, not the country … this “friend” from India has sent 200 oxygen concentrators
Anti-Hindu Paul Bérenger wanted to carry out a coup
The incident dates back to 1983, when then Mauritian President Anirudh Jugnauth was concerned about a coup by left-wing pro-Soviet cabinet chief Paul Bérenger. As India had taken a great interest in this country since independence, Indira Gandhi, then Prime Minister of India, planned a military intervention to protect Indian interests. It was called Operation Lal Dora.

Deployment of Indian Navy warships to Mauritius
As part of this operation, several Indian Navy warships were to be deployed in Mauritius. In which at least 6 destroyers, Sea Kings and other helicopters, military and civilian tankers were to be deployed for rapid action. Indian security agencies had also made full preparations for the mission, but Anirudh Jagannath’s adversary Paul Bérenger was informed and fearfully called off the coup plan. After which India did not send its army either.

China’s aggression in Indo-Pacific region becomes challenge, India-Mauritius will prepare for competition together
Why was Aniruddha Jagannath’s government afraid of a coup
Hindus constitute 48% of the Mauritian population. These people had come there as indentured laborers to work from different states in India during the time of the British. These people later transformed this country through their hard work and dedication. In Mauritius, in the 1980s, Paul Bérenger, with Christian and Muslim minorities, wanted to remove Anirudh Jugnauth from power. Pal Béranger’s main policy was anti-Hindu, then in Mauritius it was even said that if this person comes to power, then the Hindus in this country will have to return to India.

A day of mourning in India after the death of former Mauritian President Anirudh Jugnauth
This Indian operation is considered very successful.
From a diplomatic standpoint, if your enemy has already canceled their plan out of fear, then it is considered a very successful operation. Fearing India in Mauritius, this is what opposition leader Paul Bérenger did. This is the reason why Aniruddha Jugnauth then urged India to send a senior official to his country’s national security adviser. At his request, for many years, an Indian officer took the post of the NSA of Mauritius.

Mauritius is strategically important
Mauritius is located in a strategically important region of the Indian Ocean. Billions of dollars in trade are carried out in this region every year. Being close to the African continent, a large part of the Indian Ocean can be monitored from this country. Near this country is Reunion Island, which is occupied by France. France has maintained a large military base on this island. In the northeast of Mauritius is Diego Garcia, where the American and British military bases are located.

Close relationship between Mauritius and India
The strength of relations between India and Mauritius is understood by the fact that this country celebrates its national holiday on March 12, anniversary of Gandhiji’s Salt Satyagraha. Maurice believes that because of this inspiration, she obtained her independence from the British in 1968. Mauritius has always been with India in many important campaigns such as the free trade agreement with India, the economy of the blue ocean, maritime security, the anti-piracy operation.

Foreign Minister Jaishankar meets Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth in Mauritius, who handed him 1 lakh of doses of coronavirus vaccine
India built a metro and a hospital in Mauritius
India launched the New Mauritius Supreme Court construction project in 2016 thanks to a special US $ 353 million economic program granted to Mauritius. This building was inaugurated in 2020. Apart from this, the Metro Express service was launched in Port Louis, capital of Mauritius, with the help of India. Apart from this, a state-of-the-art 100 bed ENT hospital has also been built in collaboration with India.

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