Oprah Winfrey says neither the Queen nor the Duke made skin color

Neither Queen Elizabeth II nor her husband Prince Philip had been concerned about the skin color of Archie, the first son of Prince Harry and his wife Megan Merkel, who belonged to the British royal family. American TV presenter Oprah Winfrey confirmed this on Monday. Winfrey interviewed Harry and Megan for CBS, which airs Sunday in the United States. It is due to air in the UK on Monday.

Winfrey claimed that Harry was clear that she was neither his grandmother (the Empress) nor his grandfather (Philip), who was behind Archie’s Métis remarks. Winfrey said she doesn’t share her identity (as commentators) with me, but I’m sure and if I get the chance to share it her grandmother or grandfather was not a part of. that type of conversation.

When asked to give more details about it on Monday, Winfrey said he tried to find the answer to this by turning the camera on and off, but Harry did not say his skin color was Megan when Archie was born. Who were the speakers and expressed concern about leaving. She said on CBS This Morning that she was shocked to hear the comment about the skin color during the interview.

Significantly, according to news from the AP news agency, the ‘Duke of Sussex’ Harry and his wife ‘the Duchess of Sussex’ Megan Merkel, in an interview with Winfrey, show their son’s colors , losing royal security and committing suicide in the mind of the actress. Spoken openly in matters of reflection. After stepping down from royal duties, the couple spoke openly about all the differences for the first time.

Harry told Winfrey he felt like a prisoner in royal life and suffered a major setback last year after being financially isolated and losing his safety. He said he felt his family did not support Megan. At the same time, Megan, who is of two races, said that when she first got pregnant, “a lot of concern was expressed about her son’s color.” The couple also said their house was a girl. is about to be born.

Harry said, “As a child, what more could you want than to have a son and then a daughter?” We are now a complete family. The four of us and our two companion dogs. Harry replied in response to a question that he would not have left the royal family without his wife. He said, “I couldn’t, because I was stuck. I couldn’t find a way out. ”

Harry said, “I was trapped but I didn’t know I was trapped.” My father and my brother are also stranded. He also said he did not have a close relationship with his brother William, the heir to the royal throne after his father, Prince Charles. Harry dismissed the news of him and Megan’s decision to back down from his grandmother Elizabeth II’s decision to step down from royal duties, saying the decision was made after several conversations.

He said, “I didn’t shock my grandmother.” I respect him a lot. Megan also said, “The Queen’s demeanor has always been good to me. Megan said he was starting to feel like killing himself and sought help from the palace’s human resources department in this regard, but said there was nothing he could do.

Megan said she was concerned about her son as his lack of a royal title meant he would not be assured of safety. Megan said with wet eyes, “It was very hard to bear during the pregnancy.” More than the title of prince, I was concerned about the safety of my son. Harry and Megan tied the knot in May 2018 at Windsor Castle. Their son Archie was born in 2019. Megan also reported an abortion in July 2020. The couple have left the royal family and live in North America.

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