Oracle Helps Businesses Build a Lighter Workforce with Oracle Dynamic Skills

Oracle Helps Businesses Build a Lighter Workforce with Oracle Dynamic Skills

Oracle announces the launch of Oracle Dynamic Skills, a new solution that strengthens the talents of companies by analyzing, managing and increasing the capacities of all their employees. Oracle Dynamic Skills, part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM), provides HR managers and executives with the information they need to ensure they have the right talent, today and in the future. future, by providing artificial intelligence, a complete solution and an up-to-date view of the capabilities of all your employees. The new solution allows business leaders to have an always up-to-date view of their employees’ skills to help them attract, develop and develop the right talent.

The skills that employees have and need today are constantly changing, and technology creates the need for new skills almost daily. Businesses expect their employees to adapt to these changes and develop new skills, as many people describe similar skills with different words or phrases, creating an almost endless scenario of potential abilities. This is why it is so important to have a system for collecting and monitoring this constantly evolving data with precise knowledge of all the skills of the company. Without a holistic view of their employees’ skills, hiring managers struggle to find the right talent for their business strategy.

“The lifespan of capabilities is shrinking and the fight for talent is getting harder every day,” said Yvette Cameron, senior vice president of global product strategy, Oracle Cloud HCM. “Businesses need a better view of the capabilities of the workforce if they are to compete in today’s changing world. With Oracle Cloud HCM, our customers can better understand the capabilities of their employees, know where to focus development efforts, and prevent new opportunities that may be created, both for the employee and for the business ”.

Oracle Dynamic Skills permanently maintains an accurate record of skills data within the company, including job titles, employee skills, experience, and key skills. A comprehensive view of this data helps hiring managers drive employee career development, plan more effectively, hire better, and develop a highly skilled workforce. Oracle Dynamic Skills includes:

Skills Nexus – Continuously updated database that provides businesses with a comprehensive view of the capabilities of all employees. This helps hiring managers better understand their workforce’s skills, gaps, and skills to develop or acquire. Skills Nexus takes publicly available data on skills, qualifications and jobs, combines it with similar information from the organization itself and, using artificial intelligence, determines who are best qualified for certain jobs. . Skills Nexus also updates itself according to the evolution of employee skills and those arriving in the company in the form of staffing. This provides Oracle Cloud HCM users with an always accurate view of the actual skills available in their business, facilitating decision making when assessing the resources needed in each project, as well as training and hiring staff. Skills Advisor – Powerful recommendation engine that uses AI to provide suggestions on which skills employees need to acquire, which skills need to be hired for specific roles, and which candidates have the right skills for job vacancies. This helps hiring managers create a team with the right talent to meet the needs of the business. Skills Advisor also supports employees, using information from Skills Nexus to offer them the most appropriate recommendations in the processes carried out by human resources within the company. For example, with Oracle Recruiting, you can connect candidates to job openings related to their skills. And with Oracle Learning, a learning system within Oracle Cloud HCM, you can recommend courses to learn new skills based on individual career goals. Skills Advisor also uses natural language processing to understand different descriptions of similar skills, helping candidates and employees find the right opportunities no matter how each defines their abilities. Competence Center – A personalized portal for employees to update their skills, find new roles and participate in training resources. By making it easy for employees to track their progress, Skill Center helps companies increase engagement and skills. With data from Skills Nexus and information from Skills Advisor, it offers practical recommendations to employees, such as taking a course, meeting a manager or joining other projects. The Competency Center can be accessed via any device, as well as Oracle Digital Assistant, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

“With the gradual exit from the pandemic, the search for talent has become something of real interest for companies, with many people who have decided to take the time to re-evaluate their career options and to consider new growth opportunities. . This put pressure on human resources managers. , who need to redouble their efforts to recruit and retain talent, and still focus on capabilities, ”said Lisa Rowan, vice president of research, software research and HR services, IDC. analyst, “Oracle’s dynamic new skills are designed to help companies understand and identify talent, get the most out of it, and motivate employees to be more successful in their careers.”

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