Oracle Helps Organizations Improve Their Employee Experience with Oracle Journeys

Oracle Helps Organizations Improve Their Employee Experience with Oracle Journeys

Oracle today announced a new platform to provide a more intuitive, personalized, and streamlined employee experience within Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM). Oracle Journeys helps organizations create a one-stop shop for their employees, while analyzing all aspects of work and solving complex tasks. The integrated functionalities allow HR teams to create, adapt and provide a step-by-step guide to accompany employees through stages as diverse as onboarding, childbirth, return to work, launching a new product or your career plan.

“Over the past year our homes have become offices and we have become accustomed to the technology that improves our lives as consumers, and employees are now looking for the same experience on the job,” said Chris Leone, vice -Senior president of development at Oracle. Cloud HCM. “With the reopening of offices, delivering cohesive and positive experiences in both physical and virtual environments will be essential, but that’s not all. Organizations need to provide guidance throughout an employee’s work lifecycle, from developing your career to finding a mentor, returning to the office and possibly traveling safely. Oracle Journeys helps HR teams go beyond traditional processes to deliver unique experiences to their employees. “

Oracle Journeys guides employees through key tasks and milestones, while giving them quick access to the resources they need in HR and across the organization. It also helps workers take action as they move through the different stages of their working life. New features in Oracle Journeys help HR managers go beyond standard workflows to create a personalized, step-by-step guide to any task, whether personal, business, operational, or administrative. By providing easy access to processes recommended by AI and tailored to individual needs, the solution helps employees save time and increase productivity. The latest innovations in Oracle Cloud HCM include:

Journeys LaunchPad: Provides a single destination for employees to explore, initiate and share itineraries tailored to their needs. It can host any route applicable to an employee, assigned by their manager or recommended by AI based on actions, events, or past career developments. For example, newly promoted employees may see a new managerial journey; Those planning to return to the office can receive a safe return to work guide, or employees moving to a new facility can receive a relocation path and information on next steps, all right on their LaunchPad. Employees can also access and complete their journeys on any device, including desktops, mobile devices, messaging apps, or through Oracle Digital Assistant. Course creator: allows managers and HR teams to create, modify and assign courses throughout the company. HR managers can also access a library of predefined templates that can be customized to meet the unique needs of the organization, workgroups, and individual teams. This allows you to design routes to meet specific company requirements, brand policies, and guidelines – all in minutes and without the need for IT or coding. Organizations can also customize movements to include business-to-business tasks such as expense management (Manage my expenses) or new product launches (Launch a new product). Models available include: integration; Back to the office; maternity / paternity leave; transfer; illness, injury or return from sick leave. Journeys Booster: Helps integrate HR processes and other business functions such as finance, operations and facilities management with third party systems and external applications. This allows you to complete the process from start to finish in a single experience, using the process automation capabilities of Oracle Process Cloud and with minimal coding. Journey’s Booster automates requests and services in HR, IT and other work systems, and can also be extended through HR Helpdesk when additional support is needed in workflows.

“It’s easy to take employee experience for granted, but it pays off when it’s invested in the right way. Companies that make deliberate efforts to get things done faster and easier, and with positive experiences for their staff, will enjoy increased satisfaction and engagement. and productivity, ”says R“ Ray ”Wang, senior analyst at Constellation Research. “Customers want the ability to manage their own schedules in their main HCM systems. This not only helps organizations better manage and grow their workforce during tough times, but also enables HR to act as a hub of communication. Innovation for the whole company. “

“The needs and expectations of employees have changed dramatically. Now more than ever, our employees need personalized advice, support and motivation, ”said Jacely Voon, People, Culture and Corporate Social Responsibility Department at Fujifilm. “Oracle Cloud HCM provides a unique human resources platform that allows us to better manage our teams and keep pace with their changing expectations. Regardless of the additional changes we see in the workforce, we will be prepared to delivering a positive employee experience to employees. more than 14,000 members of our team across the region. “

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