Oracle promotes the employability of women with its Reinventa-Tech initiative

Women are the ones who suffer the most from job destruction throughout this pandemic. According to data from the EPA (Active Population Survey) corresponding to the third quarter of 2020, in Spain there are 1,965,500 women (18.39%) who cannot find a job compared to 1,757,400 men (14.39% ). If we add to this that, according to the official source, the dismissal rate of women is three times higher than that of men, the situation worsens considerably.

To help lay the foundation for women’s employability and reduce the unemployment rate for women, Oracle has launched its Reinventa-Tech initiative, a program to train, through formal training and certification, women, offering them a new opportunity in the workplace. technological, and to focus on future profiles, with a high demand in companies and where a lack of this talent has been identified.

Promoted by Oracle WomenLeardership, an Oracle volunteer organization with the aim of attracting, training and developing female leadership, both in current and future generations, the initiative began its definition in April 2020 and has been definitively launched in November 2020. In this first edition, to serve as a pilot, Reinventa-Tech will select a total of 20 unemployed Spanish women, with university studies, previous professional experience and a desire to reinvent themselves, with the aim of training them in the area of ​​new technologies, an area where the supply of jobs exceeds 500,000 per year across the EU.

To be eligible for the program, applicants must have five years of work experience, know English, adapt well to change and have problem-solving skills.

Four paths to employability

Reinventa-Tech offers the 20 candidates the opportunity to choose between four training courses:

Java Developers Digital Marketing Experts Data Analysts and Data Scientists Database and Cloud Operators

At the end of the program, the 20 professionals will be certified and will have a series of very specific knowledge that will surely facilitate their access to opportunities in the labor market.

The training program also includes a step of putting this knowledge into practice for the selected women, which can be carried out with the collaboration of Abast, Accenture, Avanttic, Everis, Evolutio and Quistor. All these companies are Oracle partners who collaborate on the initiative and who undertake to show the 20 women selected the daily work of these professions and to offer them a collaborative framework where they can develop their learning and consolidate their knowledge.

Jobs of the future

The program consists of three clearly differentiated phases. A first selection phase, which began in November 2020, and which will end in early January 2021 with the 20 women chosen to participate. recording

Then comes the training phase, where they will receive virtual training supervised by Oracle professionals and the services of Oracle University, specializing in the training and certification of these skills. The process includes a minimum of three months, until April 2021.

Finally, the phase of putting knowledge into practice will have specific characteristics and duration in each case and depending on the partner chosen to develop it.

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