Oracle Reveals Keys To Promoting Employee Mental Health With HR Technology

Oracle Reveals Keys To Promoting Employee Mental Health With HR Technology

The pandemic has caused people to work longer and work in more stressful environments, while trying to balance their work and personal lives. Far from being satisfied with the generalized exhaustion caused by the current scenario, HR managers are faced with the challenge of prioritizing the well-being of employees. Oracle unveiled, during its HCM Virtual Summit, the main keys to promoting the mental health of workers through its HR management solutions.

Speaking about the results of the AI ​​@ Work study from Oracle and Workplace Intelligence, a human resources research and consulting firm, Dan Schawbel, Managing Partner of Workplace Intelligence, said, “It’s not news that 2020 was the most stressful year in history. for employees around the world. What many did not imagine is that 82% of people believe that robots can support their mental health better than humans ”.

Conducted from responses from more than 12,000 employees (managers, HR managers and executives) in 11 countries, the study found that COVID-19 increased levels of stress, anxiety and burnout among employees . 85% of respondents say their mental health interferes with their lives, as well as 75% believe that companies need to take care of the mental health of their employees.

In order to discuss the best practices implemented in companies to deal with the problems caused by the pandemic in the workplace, HCM Virtual Summit also organized a panel in which different HR directors shared what companies are implementing to supporting employees in these difficult times through the use of technology.

The panel, moderated by Yazad Dalal, head of HCM strategy at Oracle, brought together various executives from Oracle clients such as: Carmen Cerdan, director of human resources at Ria Financial; Jackie Ogonji, vice president of human resources at SBM Bank; Geir Olav Lisle, Deputy Secretary General and Director of Organizational Development at NRC and Thijs Van Loon, Director of Human Resources Reward & People Experience at VodafoneZiggo, who discussed using technology as an ally for HR departments to reduce negative impacts occurring during the pandemic.

Today’s rapid and constant change requires agility and resilience never before demanded of HR managers. Therefore, panel participants shared how chat and communication tools, health and wellness apps, psychological support to employees through digital platforms or virtual actions that promote worker well-being and flexibility in working remotely can be very beneficial technological tools to cope with the angst and problems generated by COVID-19 and the new reality.

RIA Financial, committed to employee mental health

According to Carmen Cerdn, director of human resources at Ria Financial, the pandemic has profoundly affected countless aspects of society, including the mental health of workers. To face this complicated scenario, the world leader in money transfers has implemented various actions in order to know the state of health of its employees and to be able to help them.

“As a first step, when the pandemic suddenly entered our lives, we sent various surveys to our employees to understand what the new challenges will be from now on and how RIA Financial should serve them in a remote working scenario” , did he declare. Carmen Cerdn.

With over 20 years of experience in the field and responsible for the digitization of the HR department of RIA Financial, Cerdn shared how the use of technology has helped them turn the fears and hardships caused by COVID-19 into resilience. and motivation. to go forward.

“After having identified the difficulty that the isolation situation posed for our employees, we used technology to be closer and closer to them, to help them and above all to listen to their needs. The implementation of communication tools, instant messaging applications, combined with virtual events promoting well-being, in addition to the enjoyment of employees, were the key tools to prevent them from performing well ”, said said Cerdn. “In addition, we have been working on a COVID-19 action plan and have encouraged business leaders to stay closer to their teams, ready to listen to them and help them in such a difficult time. We have also set up a virtual psychological care service for all our employees, ”he concludes.

Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM)

With the global pandemic, mental health has become not only a larger social issue, but also a major challenge in the workplace. According to Emily He, Senior Vice President HCM at Oracle, “the pandemic is having a profound impact on individual performance, team effectiveness and organizational productivity”, making it more than ever a priority issue in organizations. companies as employees seek to get employers to mobilize and propose solutions to the difficulties generated by COVID-19.

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It’s also the most connected solution in the entire business, with a cloud that unifies HCM across finance, supply chain and customer experience. This provides a consistent experience across devices, enables a trusted source of HR data to improve decision making. Additionally, Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management provides businesses with a leading innovative tool that meets their current and future needs.

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