Oracle Strengthens Commitment to Inclusion of LGBTI Talent

In the hands of Oracle, the Business Network for LGBTI Diversity and Inclusion, REDI, organized Thursday, November 5, a training seminar on internal best practices in LGBTI D&I in companies.

The meeting, which included participation from Oracle, AXA and Repsol, focused on managing cultural change and empowering employees, as well as best practices for communicating and celebrating cultural change.

To strengthen Oracle’s commitment to the inclusion of LGBTI talent in the business, Sergio Daz Jubera, Senior Manager of Software Development and LGBTI Lder at Oracle Spain, spoke about the company’s diversity programs, in particular of the Oracle group. Pride Employee Network and how they address these issues within the company.

“We are proud to support and uplift the LGBTI community by working with Oracle Pride Employee Network. We believe that everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, should have the freedom to live authentically and to feel they belong to a group, to the company, ”says Daz Jubera.

The manager underlined the importance of making employees feel connected and valued within an organization and the way in which the general management, alongside the human resources and communication departments, is essential in the process. integration into companies.

“It is essential that the company has references from the group within the company, in positions of responsibility or in senior positions. This brings a level playing field and allows the LGBTI community to feel fully included in the business, ”said Daz Jubera. “In addition, communication on diversity and inclusion must be transversal, where the LGTBI group is its driving force, associated with top-to-bottom communication, where managers are also involved.

Initiative implemented in more than 21 countries

With initiatives like Oracle Pride Employee Network, implemented in more than 21 countries, Oracle uses diversity within the company to build a diverse and strong workforce. The company focuses its recruiting efforts on LGBTI job boards and events, and actively educates its employees about the importance of building diverse teams. In addition, Oracle has a practice of increasing benefits not only for its employees, but also for their families. One example is the offer of health insurance for same-sex couples and transgender people in some of the countries where it operates.

“At Oracle, we work together to increase opportunities, create awareness and form partnerships that enhance the LGBTI experience in business,” adds Daz Jubera. “Part of this is involving our allies in this group’s discussions, so employees can feel safe and supported knowing that the entire company is ready to speak up and stand up for equality and acceptance. In addition, employee networks are very important. It is necessary to connect the people of the collective among themselves, in different departments, offices and countries. This has a lot of impact and helps them create a united community, ”he concludes.

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