orange eyed owl spotted in malaysia: extremely rare ulu, orange colored eyes found in malaysia after 125 years

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A rare ulu found in the rainforests of Malaysia has been found after 125 years. This incredible orange-eyed Ullu was spotted in the jungles of Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia. It is a kind of Ullu Rajah litter. This Ullu’s body has a special type of striping, and its habitat is also different. Researchers believe this is a new type of species and should be conserved.

There is not much information about this Ullu but he lives in a dense forest on the mountains. There is now a crisis in the homes of these Ullu and this is due to climate change, forest cutting and palm oil production. In 2016, tech expert Keegan Trancillo spent a lot of time in the forest of Mount Kinabalu looking for this Ullu.

Rajah Scopus Ulu was first identified in 1892
Keegan told Smithsonian magazine that where the darkness was very dark inside the forest, she exploded and sat down. He said this Ullu flew away after a while but later returned with luck. He could tell the scope was ulu but his size was large and his eyes were also orange. Keegan told researcher Andy Boyce who is doing research at the University of Montana.

Andy said I got a phone call about a weird Ullu. I was in the lab at the time. Andy is now an ecologist at the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. He said: “When I saw this Ullu, I was completely surprised. I was pretty excited because we discovered a bird found in a fantasy. After that, I documented it very quickly. Rajah Scopus Ulu was first identified by Richard Bowdler Sharpe in 1892.

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