Orange supports and helps the self-employed in difficult times

A recent survey by the Federation of Self-Employed Workers (ATA) highlighted that more than 300,000 self-employed workers may have to close their businesses this year due to the effects of the Covid-19 crisis on Spain’s productive fabric.

In this difficult context, Orange has launched a new initiative to support this group which, under the slogan #AhoraMsCerca, not only wishes to give a voice to the self-employed and small entrepreneurs, but also to offer them advice and recommendations to resume as quickly as possible. their activities and meet the challenge of an increasingly complex environment. And it is that these companies, which represent about 99% of the economic fabric and an essential engine for the country, are one of those suffering the most from the economic paralysis caused by the pandemic.

Through this initiative, the company wishes to position itself again with these professionals and support them in getting out of the crisis, by providing them with keys and advice to help them reactivate their activities and seek development and growth alternatives in the region. -beyond the pandemic.

The engine of the #AhoraMsCerca project is the website Thanks to the collaboration of an exceptional partner, such as the famous journalist and economics expert Javier Ruiz, a voice will be given to real freelancers who, through recorded interviews and published in said digital space, will explain how they live. , both from a personal and professional point of view, these difficult times, and the way their businesses have been reinvented and evolved to prepare for future emergencies as well.

So, for example, in this first wave – dedicated to the digitization of small businesses – Javier talks to Maximino Marcos, owner of the Narcea restaurant in Madrid, which, with its history, represents the entire hospitality sector, one of the most punished by restrictions and quarantine.

Faced with the impossibility of keeping their establishment open to the public in person, Maximino and his teams turned to new technologies to deliver food to homes. And thanks to this, this hotelier has not only managed to maintain his business and his employees, but now he has also managed to expand his business to the digital environment and thus increase his income for the future.

Just one example of how the digitalization that many entrepreneurs have resorted to to avoid having to close their stores during the state of alarm and the subsequent restrictions to maintain health security. In fact, 80% of entrepreneurs agree that quarantine has accelerated their digitization. And according to McKinsey, the adoption of the technology has increased from 81 to 95%, because modernizing and digitizing businesses is no longer a luxury or an option, it is a must.

In this context, Orange provides independent and micro-businesses with a set of solutions aimed at developing digitization; productivity services such as the virtual switchboard, which allows the management of communications in addition to integrating collaboration tools; o Your online store, which allows small businesses to start growing their Internet business around the clock and at low cost. All services backed by the best connectivity, both fiber (with up to 1 Gbps of symmetrical speed) and mobile (4G / 5G, depending on coverage).

Orange’s #AhoraMsCerca initiative will continue to give voice to these small entrepreneurs over the coming months through six waves, during which different themes will be addressed to support the self-employed and their businesses.

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