Organization of Islamic Cooperation News: Don’t allow OIC to be subverted by vested interests like Pakistan, India warns

Pakistan is now trying to surround India through the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) after being swept away by the United Nations. On July 5, deceived by the Pakistani deception, the OIC mentioned sending a delegation to Kashmir. In fact, the OIC labor chief, in a rare meeting with the Indian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, raised the issue of Indian Muslims and offered to send a delegation to J&K.

India reacts strongly to OIC
The Indian Foreign Ministry reacted strongly to the OIC statement, saying it should not allow special interests like Pakistan to use the group’s platform for anti-Indian propaganda through of a partisan and unilateral resolution. Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said that during the meeting with the OIC chief, a number of topics were discussed. Our ambassador told him that it was necessary to correct the misconception about India which is propagated by special interests.

The OIC came under the guise of Pakistan!
The Organization of Islamic Countries claims to be the leader of Muslim countries in the world. Pakistan is the founding member of this organization formed on September 25, 1969. India with the second largest population of Muslims in the world is not a member of this organization. Pakistan has been using this organization against India from the very beginning. The OIC has made statements against India on several occasions, particularly on the Kashmir issue. Since the formation of the Modi government in 2014, the attitude of this organization is perceived as very soft vis-à-vis India.

The OIC, an organization of Islamic countries involved in the conflict between Indian Muslims and Kashmir, wants to send a team
Pakistan challenged Saudi dominance in the OIC
Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi challenged Saudi Arabia’s dominance in the OIC in 2019. In fact, when India abolished Jammu and Kashmir Articles 370 and 35A, Pakistan called on the OIC to give a firm response. But this organization, which flies the flag of Saudi Arabia, did not support Pakistan under pressure from India. In response to Qureshi’s statement, Saudi Arabia halted the supply of oil on loan to Pakistan and demanded immediate repayment of the second $ 3 billion loan.

India’s frankness towards the OIC, said – does not have the right to speak on the internal affairs of India
Pakistan did not surround India even at the UN
Pakistan’s Ambassador to Geneva, including Prime Minister Imran Khan, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Permanent Representative of Pakistan, have repeatedly tried unsuccessfully to corner India on the platform of the UN. Whenever India has uttered all the lies of Pakistan with a loud tone. Not only that, except Pakistan, China and Turkey, all countries have supported India at the UN. This is the reason why Pakistan is now trying to defame India with the help of the OIC.

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