Organization of Islamic Cooperation: Pakistan’s international insult again on Kashmir issue, OIC exposes Pakistan’s lies – OIC exposes Pakistani lies on Kashmir issue, refusal to discuss Kashmir as a distinct point

Strong points:

The Organization for Islamic Cooperation exposed Pakistan’s lies. Polpakistan adopted the resolution regarding Kashmir at the OIC meeting. DavaoIC declined to discuss Kashmir separately at its meeting. Islamabad
Pakistan itself has again received international insults on the Kashmir issue. This time, the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) of Islamic Countries exposed Pakistan’s lies about Kashmir. In fact, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi claimed that a resolution regarding Kashmir was adopted on Saturday at the meeting of OIC Foreign Ministers in Nimi, capital of Niger.

Pakistani is open
Pakistan had declared that the bogus resolution adopted regarding Kashmir was a victory at the meeting of foreign ministers of OIC member countries. The Pakistani foreign ministry had given information by tweeting about this false proposal. The tweet claimed that the inclusion of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute in the Nemi statement is an important part of the Foreign Ministers Council outcome documents. It is an important expression of OIC support for Kashmir.

OIC rejects Pakistani claim
However, the proposal which the Pakistani foreign minister was jubilant about was rejected by the OIC. The OIC categorically refused to discuss Kashmir as a separate item at a meeting of Islamic countries. Since then there has been laughter not only in Pakistan but around the world at the Qureshi lie.

OIC caught in Pakistan stuff
Explain that since India abolished Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan’s demand was for the OIC to take a strong stand against India. However, at that time, the OIC refused to speak, taking a neutral stance. In recent meetings, Pakistan has presented several proposals against India to the OIC, but the OIC statements have been very consistent.

Saudi has not decided with whom
It is said that there can be no work in Saudi Arabia without Saudi Arabia. However, after August 5, Saudi Arabia had not made any negative comments about Kashmir. The United Arab Emirates and several Gulf countries have called it an internal Indian problem. At that time, it was believed that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates attached importance to India, except Pakistan.

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