origin of coronavirus: Scientists reflect on origin of coronavirus, report released, four theories – one report and four theories surface as scientists reflect on origin of virus

A team of international scientists and Chinese scientists are set to publish a report of their joint research into the origin of the corona virus that includes four theories and one possible conclusion. In 2019, the corona virus first appeared in China, which has disturbed the whole world to this day. Because of this, more than 27 lakh people have lost their lives in the world and the economic situation of countries has collapsed.

Reports on the origin of this deadly virus are published after months of brainstorming. It is not immediately clear when the report will be released. It was due to be released earlier this month, but it has been delayed. Experts say the report can provide concrete answers and raise many other questions.

The report will include the views of ten international epidemiologists, data scientists, veterinary experts, laboratory and food safety experts who visited the city of Wuhan in China, the first center of the corona virus, earlier this year. Georgetown University director of global health policy Matthew Kavanagh said the report would prove to be the first step towards an investigation into the origin of the virus.

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