origin of the coronavirus: Coronavirus New variant from India to China: Variant of the Corona virus from India to China

The first cases of infection with the corona virus were discovered in China. About a year and a half later, the variant found in India was found in Guangzhou, southern China. Chinese newspaper Global Times reported that after the discovery of community transmission of the virus for the first time, residents of many parts of the city were urged to stay in their homes. On Thursday, 6 new cases and one asymptomatic case were discovered in Guangzhou. With this, the total number increased to 64.

can spread quickly
All infected people are treated in a hospital in Guangzhou. Here, a doctor, Chai Weiping, told a TV station that the recently detected cases belonged to the variant found in India for the first time. They have a short incubation period and a high viral load. They can spread quickly. He also said community transmission of the mutated virus found in India was first discovered in China.

Advice from India
At the same time, Yang Janqi, a virologist at Wuhan University, told the newspaper that this time the virus is not spreading as fast as it spread in the Xinfadi market in Beijing last June. Then the variant came from Europe. Then, in two weeks, 269 cases were reported and this time 77 cases were found. The newspaper advised India that strict measures like Guangzhou should be taken to prevent the virus from spreading quickly.

China has been accused
Significantly, to know the truth about the origin of the corona virus in America and Europe, there is a demand to investigate the theory of its spread from the Wuhan virology laboratory. U.S. intelligence agencies have claimed that samples of workers who fell ill while cleaning up a closed mine were sent to the Wuhan lab. China is accused of having belatedly informed the world of the spread of the virus and its mortality.

China’s pole belt has started to open, new information from Wuhan surprised

Spread in the city of China (symbolic photo)

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