Oriol Junqueras admits for the first time that the unilateral path does not work and recognizes that pardons can “ease the conflict”

Posted: Monday June 07, 2021 11:39 AM

Oriol Junqueras will post a platform of great political importance at 12:00 a.m. on Right now, in the midst of the debate on pardons for tried prisoners, and because of what he conveys: this is the first time since the independence movement that self-criticism has been made so clearly, the first that we ‘admits that the unilateral way does not work, and the first it is recognized that the graces are a measure which relieves.

The leader of the ERC – sentenced to 13 years in prison for the illegal referendum of October 1 and the unilateral declaration of independence in 2017 – admits that the response of the separatists at the time was not “understood as fully legitimate by part of society, also Catalans “, and although his will, he says, is the same as always -” independence “-, he accepts the need for changes. “We must be more; an undeniable, plural and transversal majority, which shows that it governs well and for all, and which puts the resolution of the existing political conflict by democratic means at the center of the agenda.”

The tribune, advanced on LaSexta for the first time and also published by ARA in Catalan, the Republican leader defends self-determination and the pact, known as the Scottish Way: “We defend self-determination because we want all citizens of our country, all of them, in order to be able to decide whether they want Catalonia to be an independent state in the form of a republic or whether they undertake to remain within the Spanish state (…) The three quarters of Catalan citizens defend that the solution to the existing political conflict will be resolved by a vote by referendum. No, we can’t deny the reality, nobody. We cannot pretend that these consensuses do not exist. Nobody. “

Referendum accepted

“And today we continue to believe that the best way to do it, as we have always advocated, is the Scottish way. The pact and accord way, the agreed referendum way. That is. the option which generates more guarantees of immediate international recognition, because we know that other avenues are neither viable nor desirable insofar as, in fact, they take us away from the objective to be reached.

Then, he makes a whole declaration of intent to ensure that they will never give up either dialogue or negotiation: “It would be naive to believe that political dialogue with the state will immediately bring tangible results, but to believe that” one can do without it would be a costly irresponsibility No matter how much it is criticized and ridiculed, the table of dialogue and negotiation between governments is a success in itself because it opens a space for the potential resolution of the conflict.

“We are facing a political conflict and it can only be resolved through political and democratic means. We have always said that we have to go back to politics, from which we should never have been forced to leave. daring. , democratic courage and social reconciliation, because the reconciliation of all our fellow citizens is an essential foundation for the future.


Junqueras is also reflecting on the pardons the government plans to grant to prisoners sentenced in the trial. Although he maintains that amnesty is the priority “to end judicial persecution”, he maintains that the issue “does not stop neither with exiles nor political prisoners, but must be extended to the rest of the 3,000 people who are suffering. . .

However, for the first time, he speaks of graces as “gestures that can appease the conflict, ease the pain of repression and the suffering of Catalan society, and any gesture in the direction of diversion of the conflict helps to be able to go on. by this road.

“But for this new paradigm to be possible, it is important that both parties show their will and predisposition. For a long time, despite being in prison deprived of liberty, we sit at the table and always keep our hands out. This is the moment for the Spanish government to demonstrate its commitment to reconciliation, dialogue and negotiation, looking to the future, ”he concludes.

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