Ortega Smith calls Íñigo Errejón “Milhouse” after criticizing him for attacks on vulnerable families

Rifirrafe on Twitter between Íñigo Errejón and Javier Ortega Smith, who called the leader of Más País “Milhouse” – the character of “The Simpsons” – after blaming him for his attacks on a group of residents of Cañada Real who were protesting by requiring electricity for their homes, after almost two months of blackout.

The clash began following a video in which the head of Vox attacked women residing in La Cañada who were demonstrating in front of the town hall on Tuesday, after a power cut in early October, due to the connection to the network of groups. dedicated to the cultivation of marijuana, which has left hundreds of vulnerable families in the area without electricity, heating or hot water.

“ Light is not a luxury, it’s a right ” and “ We want to pay for electricity, like everyone else, ” were some of the slogans of the protesters, against which Ortega-Smith accused on Twitter, assuring that they intended to “use the light illegally” and “they want free electricity”, while “the Spanish workers pay their bill at the end of the month”.

“Against those who promote crime, live from history or from the subsidy, we will support Spain which respects the law, which works and which no one helps”, he wrote in the aforementioned social network, with a video in which he showed Muslim participants in the protest.

Errejón then reproached him, via the same social network, for his “cowardice and moral misery”. “Bullies with the bottom, servile to those above. Here is a rentier who owns 11 houses in Madrid, charging against the most vulnerable,” said the leader of Más País.

In response, the far-right representative did not hesitate to charge Errejón, comparing him to the popular cartoon character and using a xenophobic argument.

“Look at Milhouse, it’s not like the black scholarships you experienced in history. If they want free electricity, you pay for it, or their Alawite king of Morocco pays for it. Do you understand caste? “Spain that works is not for your demagoguery,” he wrote.

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