Ortuzar (PNV) does not rule out a general election in 2022 if the PSOE and Podemos maintain their “‘pimpampúm'”

Publication: Sunday February 28, 2021 2:11 PM

PNV EBB chairman Andoni Ortuzar said he saw a “chip change in the PP”, which he saw as “good news”. “We have to encourage him together to continue on this path. We have to give him the means to concentrate, because from the center he will be stronger to make things difficult for Vox,” he said.

In an interview with ‘El Correo’, the nationalist leader also claims that it would be “very bad and contribute nothing” if elections were held in the state, although he warned that “this should not be ruled out. “by 2022 if the pandemic goes away overtaking both the PSOE and United We can continue in the current” ‘pimpampúm’ “.

“If it is a program problem, watch out for deviations. And if it is personal incompatibilities, address yourself as well. What cannot be is that endless noise from a neighbour’s patio with screams from window to window, ”he adds.

According to him, Pablo Iglesias and Podemos are wrong in their way of managing their strategy within the coalition, and especially of outsourcing it. “This government is a symbol, the first of a coalition and progressive, with a very convulsed far right in front of it, at a time of turbulence. If in these circumstances you are the one putting gasoline on fire, you are making a poor service to this operation, ”he said.

Ortuzar, who warns against “the failure of the” new policy “, says that Podemos, Cs and Vox represent” worse values ​​and a worse political praxis than the old policy “.

In this way, he considers it good news that the PP and the PSOE reach great agreements because “stability is necessary”. In addition, he warns against a “change of chip in the PP”, which he considers “good news”. “We must encourage him together to continue on this path. We must give him the means to concentrate, because from the center he will be stronger to make things difficult for Vox,” he said.

Likewise, Ortuzar underlines that the bridges between the PP and the PNV are being rebuilt, so that the two formations were “very far” and that there is now “an effort” on behalf of the popular ones for them. call and talk.

In this context, he regrets that, on the contrary, the government “only sends decree-laws” and that this “slows down interinstitutional dialogue and delays commitments”.

“For example, the transfer of the minimum living income. I hope that it will happen by March, with the prisons. They have not been able to implement it, it is the tragedy. is why he was not transferred to Euskadi. neither, when it comes to a simple transfer “, criticizes. In this way, he recognizes that it would be a disappointment if the summer was reached in this situation “So yes, the alarms are going off,” he warns.

On the other hand, he assures that in Spain there is “a democracy that can be improved, like all those in the world”, although “the process of 78 is already tightening on Spanish democracy, it has become narrow”.

Likewise, he believes that Pablo Hasél should not be in prison, even if what he is doing is “execrable”. “I am very concerned about what is happening because we are giving ideological ammunition to the anti-system. But I am also very concerned about the attitude of Pablo Iglesias and the crusade he has undertaken against the media,” he said. he, adding that he doesn’t. accuse Podemos or here to the nationalist left, they organize or encourage riots, but they accuse them “of not having the courage to tell their people that it cannot be done”.

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