Osama bin Laden killed: Joe Biden remembers the raid on Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in 2011: Joe Biden promises to protect America at the end of 10 years of the death of Osama bin Laden

President Joe Biden has pledged to protect the country after 10 years of murdering the dreaded leader of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, Osama bin Laden. He said America would leave no chance of a terrorist attack happening again. On May 2, 2011, US Army Navy Seal commandos killed Al-Qaida conductor Osama bin Laden, who was in hiding in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Joe Biden was then the Vice President of the United States.

Osama was in hiding in Pakistan
Osama bin Laden disappeared after an attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 in the United States. In its research, the United States bombed the whole of Afghanistan with a bomb. While this feared terrorist was hiding in Abbottabad safe from the Pakistani government. After obtaining information about this, on May 2, 2011, he was killed in an attack in the city of Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Biden said – we’ll never forget
Biden said in a statement that after the September 11 attack, the United States searched for Al Qaeda leaders for ten years, tracked down Laden and took him to jail. He said we promise those who lost their loved ones in the 9/11 attack that they will never be forgotten. At the same time, we swear that America will never again give any chance to such an attack on our land and will continue to protect the American people.

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