Óscar Puente denies that a businessman to whom he granted 200,000 euros paid him for a yacht in Ibiza: “I pay my vacation”

Publication: Wednesday, December 2, 2020 11:33

PSOE national spokesman and Valladolid mayor Óscar Puente denied that businessman Sergio Zaitegui, owner of a company that won a contract of nearly 200,000 euros from the town hall, paid him a vacation with a yacht in Ibiza in September.

The information, published by “ OkDiario ”, indicates that the town hall of Valladolid awarded a contract in May – one of the most difficult months of the pandemic – to the company Zaiglobal Services SL to stock up on protective equipment. against the coronavirus. According to the aforementioned media, on September 20 and 21, Puente and her daughter stayed on a yacht paid for by this company and worth 4,000 euros per day.

“I always pay my vacation and therefore everything that is published about it is not true,” said Puente, who assured that he had “no reason to resign” because he did not commit “any type of irregularity “. .

The mayor explained that the contract for the supply of protective equipment “was concluded in April in a scenario where no one had the possibility to access PPE”: “It is a contract which has been reported to all municipal groups and this is part of the decisions taken in the working group with all the groups ”.

“This contract was not only made known before, during and after, but it is a contract which is passed by the municipal plenary session and therefore has all the sacraments”, he stressed, recalling that he gave groups “all the luxury of detail”. The politicians.

“I am leaving my contact list at a time when institutions are struggling to find PPE. I try to be of service to the city of Valladolid through the intermediary of my acquaintances and I have one who offers to provide us with the material. the group participants and the listener, ”he said, explaining that the contract“ went through the plenary session ”and was“ absolutely legal ”.

In this sense, he severely criticized the PP spokesperson in the city council, whom he described as “a person without scruples and principles” for “echoing false and uncontested information”. “Are they so bad politically that they have to resort to this garbage?” He wondered.

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