Other countries News: Jonas Masetti whose Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he was the messenger of Indian culture abroad

Rio de Janeiro
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned on Sunday a special person during the “Mann Ki Baat” program. Describing the culture and science of India as a center of attraction for the whole world, Prime Minister Modi told the story of Brazilian Jonas Massetti, who, after spending four years in India, today spreads the Indian Vedanta message through technology to the world.

Prime Minister Modi said in his speech that some people have come to India to find him and have lived there their entire lives, while others have returned to become cultural messengers for India. He said: “I got to know the work of Jonas Masetti, also known as Vishwanath. Jonah gave knowledge in Brazil on Vedanta and Gita. He runs an organization called “Vishwavidya” which is located in the hills of Petropolis and only a few kilometers from Rio de Janeiro ”.

Jones specialty
After completing mechanical engineering, Jonas worked for a stock exchange company. Later, he was drawn to Indian culture, especially towards Vedanta. He studied Vedanta in India and spent four years at Arsh Vidya Gurukulam in Coimbatore. PM Modi said: “Another characteristic of the Jonas is that they use technology to get their message across. He programs regularly online. He does podcasts every day.

‘Explain in popular language’
Over the past 7 years Jonah has taught over 1.5 lakh students through his free open Vedanta course. Jonas not only does a big job, but he does it in a language that a lot of people need to understand. People are very interested in how Vedanta can help in this time of Corona and quarantine. The Prime Minister said: “I congratulate him on his efforts and wish him good luck for the future”.

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